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How to convert on-line EDB to PST in MS Exchange Server 2000 and 2003?

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The process of converting EDB files into corresponding PST files in Exchange Server 2007/ 2010 is similar to 2000 and 2003, except the process of granting Full Mailbox Rights.

Steps to convert online EDB to PST through Exchange Server 2000/2003:

 1)  Follow steps 1 to 3 as in the process for Exchange Server 2007/2010.
 2) Perform any of the below steps to grant Full Mailbox Rights, in case of MS Exchange Server 2000/2003:

Note: You can perform the below operations, only with proper Exchange Server administrative rights.

To access a single mailbox:

1) Click 'Start' menu of your server system and type 'mmc dsa.msc' in your run dialog box. Click 'OK' and the active directory window will be displayed.

2) In the 'View' menu option, select the 'Advanced Features'.

3) Under 'Active Directory', it will list all the users in the Exchange Server. Right click the user (whose mailboxes permission need to be granted) and click 'Properties' option.

4) From the 'Properties' dialog box, click the 'Exchange Advanced' tab.

5) From the 'Exchange Advanced' window, click the button, 'Mailbox Rights'.

6) The 'Permission' dialog box will be displayed. Click the user or the group to grant access their mailboxes. If the user is not there in the list, click the 'Add' button and type in the object name. Click 'OK'.

7) Under the 'Allow' column, select the option, 'Full Mailbox Access'. Click 'Apply' and 'OK' to finish.

Access mailboxes of specific mailbox store:

1) Run ESM or the 'Exchange System Manager'.

2) From the appropriate server object, select the required 'Mailbox Store'.

3) Click the 'Properties' option, by right clicking on the 'Mailbox Store'.

4) The 'Properties' dialog box opens. Click the 'Security' tab.

5) Select the user or group, whose mailboxes, you need to access. Click 'Add', in case they are not in the list. Give the object name and click 'OK'.

6) Under the 'Allow' column, choose the option, 'Full Control'.

7) Click Apply and OK.

   If the required Mailbox is on a specific Server:

1) Run ESM and directly navigate to the desired 'Administrative Group' and select the 'Server' from the server node.

2) Make a right click on the selected server and select the 'Properties' option.

3) Click the 'Security' tab and from the 'Properties dialog box, select he use/group, for whose mailbox, you need permission.

4) In case, the user is not in the list, click the 'Add' button. Click 'OK', after providing the object name.

5) Under the 'Allow' column, choose the option, 'Full Control'.

6) Click 'Apply' and press 'OK'.

After giving the Full Mail box Rights, all the mailboxes get listed in the left pane of the software interface. You can click on any mailbox to expand the tree and see the preview on the right-hand pane. Right click on any mailbox and according to your requirement, choose any of the options - ‘Save as PST file', 'Save as MSG files' or 'Save as EML files'.


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