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How to split the converted file before saving as PST with Stellar OST to PST Converter – Technician? Mention about the various splitting options.

Author : Creative Team Updated on January 17, 2018

Stellar OST to PST Converter – Technician provides a helpful option to split the converted file before you save it as PST. The following steps show you how you can split the converted file before saving it as a new PST.

Why Split the Converted OST File
An over-sized PST file becomes a trouble for your Outlook profile. Though the latest version of the Outlook supports up to 50 GB, still many users use the previous versions of Outlook. However, if you already configure a heavy PST file to your Outlook profile, in due course, it will create issues in proper working of the Outlook profile. Hence, it is good to split the converted file right at the time of saving it as PST. Again, there are various criteria based on which the converted file can be split the file only with particular data in case you need it someone.

How to Split and Save as PST
After you scan the OST file and proceed for saving it as PST, the software gives you the option to split it under the ‘Advance Option’. See the screenshot below.

There are various options based on which you can split the converted file, such as ‘By Mail IDs’, ‘By Date’, and ‘By Size’.

To Split PST by Mail ID

•    Checkmark ‘Split by Mail ID’
•    Select the particular email IDs under the Mail ID scroll box
•    You can also use the options ‘Select All’ / ‘Unselect All’ button to choose all or any specific mail IDs. (The software will split the PST file on the basis of the selected mail IDs).
•    Click ‘Apply Settings’.
•    Choose the destination and the PST will be saved there.

To Split PST by Date
•    Check mark ‘Split By Date Range’ checkbox.
•    Here, there are two further options – ‘in the last’ or ‘between’.
•    The option, ‘in the last’ enables you to split the mails until a particular month range.
•    The ‘between’ option, creates a PST file with the mails under a particular month range.
•    Click ‘Apply Settings’.

To Split by Size

•    Check mark ‘By Size’ checkbox.
•    From the size drop down, select a size.
•    Click ‘Apply Settings’.

Note: You can choose the splitting size to be either 500, 1000, 1500 or 2000 MB. 


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