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Product Spec

Stellar DBX to PST Converter

Converts Outlook Express DBX files to a PST file that can be easily imported and used in to MS Outlook

Professional DBX Converter that converts Outlook Express (DBX) files to equivalent MS Outlook (PST) files, safely exporting all your precious email messages along with their respective attachments.

  • Efficiently performs DBX to PST conversion
  • Converts Windows Address Book(WAB) to PST
  • Searches all DBX files in your system
  • Allows simultaneous conversion of multiple DBX files




Features - DBX Converter



Converts DBX to PST iconConverts DBX to PST

Effectively extracts mail items from your DBX file and converts them to Outlook PST format. After converting DBX to PST, you can save all your Outlook Express data in a new PST file or append the same to an existing PST.

Convert Outlook Express Address Book to PST iconConvert Outlook Express Address Book to PST

With the feature to convert Outlook Express Address Book (WAB file) to a PST file, you can import all the addresses to your MS Outlook account. You can convert all the details of 'Summary', 'Name', 'Home', 'Business', and 'Personal' Tabs of the WAB file to a respective PST file. Afterwards, you need to import this PST file to your Outlook profile and access all the contacts again.


Advanced DBX Search iconAdvanced DBX Search

This DBX to PST converter enables you to easily search and locate DBX files in your system, saving you from the daunting task of browsing through each and every subfolder. You can either select the DBX file manually, if you know the location exactly or use this advanced search option.

Provides Preview of Mail Items iconProvides Preview of Mail Items

Stellar convert DBX to PST tool displays preview of all your valuable mail items, thereby providing you a glimpse of the actual conversion results beforehand. You can verify the contents of these mails prior to saving the converted mails.


Easy-to-Use Interface iconEasy-to-Use Interface

The interface of the software is self-explanatory and guides the user at each step of the conversion process. You don't need any technical expertise to operate the tool for converting your DBX file to Outlook PST.

Converts Multiple DBX Files iconConverts Multiple DBX Files

The software enables you to select a single DBX or a single identity folder containing multiple DBX files for conversion. With the help of this DBX to PST converter, you can smoothly convert a group of DBX files simultaneously.


Converts Outlook Express Identities iconConverts Outlook Express Identities

This DBX to PST converter offers the convenience of converting entire Outlook Express identities in a single operation. The software is equipped to locate and display the path of default Outlook Express identity. You can manually select the identity folder if Outlook Express is not installed.

Options to Save Converted Emails iconOptions to Save Converted Emails

Using this software, you get two different options for saving the converted mail data. You can either choose to save the converted mails as a new Outlook PST file or append them to a PST file of any existing Outlook profile.

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* Free Download Free Trial version of the product shows only the subject and body of emails. Further, you cannot open attachments using the Demo version and the To, CC, and BCC fields contain the text 'Demo Version'. To view/ save all emails and attachments, you need to register the product.



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  • Does this software search for DBX files in the system?

    Yes, the software has an advanced 'Search' feature to locate all the DBX files in any specific drive or volume in your system.

  • Can I save my converted mails to an existing PST using this software?

    Yes. The software easily converts DBX to PST and gives you an option to append all converted mails to an existing Outlook PST file.

  • Can I perform full conversion using the Demo version of the software?

    No, the Demo version of the software allows previewing only the subject and body of emails. Moreover, you cannot see email attachments and the 'To', 'CC', and 'BCC' fields display the text 'Demo Version'. To perform full conversion, you need to purchase the Full version of the product.

  • Can I convert a single mail to PST using Stellar DBX to PST converter?

    No, you cannot convert a single mail to PST using this DBX to PST conversion utility. You can convert a DBX file or multiple .dbx files saved in a single Identity folder.

  • Can I use this tool to convert multiple identity folders at the same time?

    No, the software only allows you to convert a single identity folder containing multiple DBX files.