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Product specs
Product Spec

Stellar Phoenix PDF Recovery

Safely repairs corrupt PDF file and restores page format and file objects

An efficient PDF recovery tool that repairs corrupt or damaged PDF files and restores forms, headers/footers, word art, clip art, page format, charts, shapes, and tables.

  • Repairs corrupt PDF file without modifying original formatting (fonts, outlines, colors)
  • Compatible with all versions of PDF files
  • Extracts images from PDF files and saves them at user-specified location
  • Removes all the restrictions applied to PDF file


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This comprehensive tool can help you effortlessly fix a damaged PDF file without messing up with the formatting and properties of the constituent objects. Mentioned below are some remarkable features of the tool:


Recover Corrupt PDF File iconRecover Corrupt PDF File

The software can safely repair PDF file damaged during a download, upload, or normal usage. This effective utility can easily restore word art, clip art, shapes, charts, tables, and more without any slightest modification to your PDF file.

Complete PDF Recovery iconComplete PDF Recovery

The tool empowers you to recover all objects contained in your PDF file, including hyperlinks, bookmarks, comments, notes, header and footer, etc. With this competent utility, you can also recover page tree and cross-reference table.


PDF Recovery from External Storage Media iconPDF Recovery from External Storage Media

This reliable tool is equipped to repair PDF files that reside on any external data storage media like CDs and flash storage devices. You do not require transferring the file to your system as the software can make repairs directly by accessing the external media.

Extract Images iconExtract Images

If your PDF file consists of images and you want to extract them, the software proves to be your saving grace. The feature can be used for working PDF files and you are prompted for a password if your file is password-protected.


Remove Restrictions iconRemove Restrictions

The tool helps you remove restrictions and security permissions applied to your PDF files. You can remove permissions for printing, editing, copying, and more that were imposed for restricted and authorized use of the document. Removal of restrictions is possible only for working PDF files.

Searches PDF File iconSearches PDF File

If you do not remember the path of your PDF file or if you have forgotten its location, then the software is your best bet to search the PDF file in your system. You can search the file in any folder, subfolder, or drive.


Solution for All PDF corruption Errors iconSolution for All PDF corruption Errors

The software is apt for handling all instances of PDF file corruption. The tool is your one-stop solution for making efficient PDF repair in cases of all PDF file corruption errors.

User Friendly GUI iconUser Friendly GUI

User friendliness is the trait of the software that takes you through a few simple steps for performing PDF repair. With this tool, you can perform complex recoveries with minimum fuss.


Save Repaired PDF File iconSave Repaired PDF File

Using this PDF repair tool, you can save the repaired PDF in any of these output versions: PDF 1.3, PDF 1.4, PDF 1.5, and PDF 1.6. By default, the repaired file is saved in the same version as the original PDF.

Live update wizard iconLive update wizard

The software features an exclusive option for performing software updates. You can use the update wizard for installing live updates of the application without a hitch.

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* Free Download provides preview of first three pages of the document. To preview and recover the complete document, you need to purchase the product.


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