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Stellar Drive Clone

Utility to create exact replica or mirror image of Mac-based hard drives and logical volumes

A complete Hard Drive Cloning utility that creates clone or image of the Mac hard drive/volume. The cloned hard drive can be used as a ready-to-use copy of the original hard drive, whereas the image file can be useful in restoring the data, in case of any data loss/inaccessibility.

  • Cloning - Creates an exact copy of hard drive and logical volumes
  • Imaging - Creates image of any volume or entire Mac hard drive
  • Restore - Option to restore volume from a folder or image file
  • Backup - Back up all the important files/folders in a volume
  • Support - Supports latest Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks
  • Boot DVD & Minimal System - Provides options to create Bootable DVD and Minimal System, which can be helpful in accessing the system (even with the apps of your choice), when your Mac OS crashes or fails to boot.
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Clones a Hard Drive/Volume icon

Clones a Hard Drive/Volume

Creates clone of any Mac based volume or the entire hard drive to another hard drive, network drive, volume or folder. In situations of system crash, hard drive damage etc., the cloned hard drive can be used as a backup drive. This feature can also be useful, if you want to take a full system backup.

Clones Solid State Drive (SSD) to Mac Drive icon

Clones Solid State Drive (SSD) to Mac Drive

Stellar Drive Clone has extended support to clone or copy the exact contents of a solid-state drive to your Mac drive. SSD drives are comparatively faster than traditional magnetic disks. They are less susceptible to damage, but you may face data loss on these drives. To avert the possibility of any data disaster, you can create a clone of your SSD drive using Stellar Drive Clone.

Creates Image of a Hard Drive/Volume icon

Creates Image of a Hard Drive/Volume

Provides option to create image of any Mac based hard drive or volume. The hard drive image stores the content of the entire hard drive and can be useful in case of any instance of data loss/inaccessibility. The image file created through Stellar Drive Clone takes less storage space, as it ignores the bad sectors and unused file space in the source drive/volume.

Back up Files & Folders in a Partition icon

Back up Files & Folders in a Partition

With Stellar Drive Clone, you can select the files or folders of your choice in any partition in your Mac and create a back up file of the same. You can further go for ‘Schedule Periodic Backup’ (daily, weekly, or monthly) and the software will do the task of its own. The good thing is that you can also backup a removable media.

Restores Data from Folder/Image icon

Restores Data from Folder/Image

With the 'Restore' feature, the software restores the volume to its original state by copying back all the data from the cloned folder or hard drive image file. Note that the data restoration process through Stellar Drive Clone is much faster than that of the manual method.

Resizes Volumes on Destination Drive icon

Resizes Volumes on Destination Drive

Usually, after the hard drive cloning process, if the destination drive has more space, then the remaining extra space becomes useless and no data can be saved on the same. To utilize the entire space of the hard drive, Stellar Drive Clone provides option to resize the volumes on the destination drive.

Support for ExFAT file system icon

Support for ExFAT file system

Besides supporting HFS, HFS+ and FAT based drives, the software also performs cloning for exFAT based volumes or drives. With the help of this feature, you can also clone a flash drive formatted with exFAT file system. Further, the software can clone any NTFS formatted drive to exFAT formatted drive in Mac OSX.

Support for MBR Partition Map scheme  icon

Support for MBR Partition Map scheme

With Stellar Drive Clone, you get the advantage of cloning hard disks formatted with MBR (Master Boot Record) partition map scheme. This is a native partitioning scheme for DOS and Windows disks. It is also used for devices that support DOS or Windows compatible file formats, such as memory cards.

Preferences to Personalize End-Task Activities icon

Preferences to Personalize End-Task Activities

This feature of the software allows you to customize the end-task activities of hard drive imaging/cloning. The feature includes options to set various preferences, such as 'Play Sound', 'Send system to sleep', 'Shutdown system', when the job of cloning/imaging gets finished. You can also set preferences to check for Stellar Drive Clone updates at a scheduled day.

Option to Create Bootable DVDOption to Create Bootable DVD icon

Option to Create Bootable DVDOption to Create Bootable DVD

Provides option to create a Bootable DVD, which can help you boot your system, in case of any instance of system failure or crash. You can include multiple applications, depending upon the space in the DVD and run them from the Bootable DVD as well. You do not need to copy the Drive Clone application to the Bootable DVD, as the application is included by default.

Option to Create Minimal System icon

Option to Create Minimal System

Creates a minimal system with all the necessary system files, which works as a real system with bare minimum features. The Minimal System created through Stellar Drive Clone includes Apple's default applications, all the files/folders on the desktop and the applications selected by you. This system provides an empty user's folder with all the default preferences. Moreover, booting from a minimal system is faster than the Bootable DVD.


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* Using the Free Download of Stellar Drive Clone, you can check how to perform the various cloning option, exhaustively. To finally create clone or image of your drive, you need to purchase the product.


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  • How much time does the software take to clone hard drive?

    The time required for creating a clone of the hard drive depends on several factors:

    Data transfer speed of the source and destination drive

    Quantity of data

    Alignment and size distribution of the files stored in the source hard drive

    Data transfer method

    Processor's speed and architecture

    Performance of the hardware interface

  • I have three partitions in my Mac hard drive, one is of HFS+ file system, another is FAT and the third one is based on NTFS file system. Will the clone copy of my hard drive contain the data in all
    three partitions?

    Stellar Drive Clone performs cloning of drives and volumes that are formatted with HFS, HFS+, FAT, and exFAT. The software can also clone an NTFS-formatted drive to exFAT drive. If your source drive has an HFS+ partition, FAT partition, and NTFS partition, this cloning tool will copy all data from your FAT and HFS+ partitions to the destination drive with similar partitions and clone the NTFS partition into an exFAT partition on this drive. The cloned copy of the hard drive will contain data in all the three partitions.

  • I have created a bootable DVD on a system having an Intel processor. Can I use this bootable DVD to boot a PowerPC - based machine?

    No, the bootable DVD created using this cloning software can only be used to boot the same or identical system on which it is created. If you created a bootable DVD on an Intel machine, it cannot be used on a machine having a PowerPC processor.

  • Can I clone my volume to a network drive using this software?

    Yes, the software can easily clone any particular volume of your system to a connected network drive using the 'Clone volume to a network drive' option in the 'Clone' window.

  • My source drive is having two partitions and the destination drive is larger than my source drive. Can I choose to have just two partitions on the destination drive while cloning my hard drive?

    Yes, the software clones hard drives by providing you an option to resize volumes on the destination drive. You can increase the size of the volumes on destination drive to have just two partitions.

  • What are the end-task preferences, I can set in Stellar Drive Clone and how to do them?

    You can set preferences to 'play sound', 'send system to sleep' and 'shut down system', once the hard drive imaging/cloning process gets finished. You can also set the preferences to check for the latest Drive Clone software updates, as per the selected option (Daily, Weekly, and Monthly).

    Steps to set the end-task preferences:

    From the Stellar Drive Clone menu, click the option, 'Preferences'.

    Under the 'After finishing task' section -

    Select the 'Play Sound' option to assign a sound, which will be played, when the cloning task finishes.

    Select the 'Send System to sleep' option, in case you want the system to sleep after the cloning task finishes.

    Select the 'Shutdown system' option, if you want the system to turn-off, once the cloning process finishes.

    Click the button, 'OK' to save the settings.

    Steps to set the update task preferences:

    Select the 'Preferences' option from the Stellar Drive Clone menu.

    Under the 'Update' section -

    Check-mark the 'Check for updates' option to assign the frequency, in which you want to check the updates.

    Select the frequency from the list (Daily/Weekly/Monthly).

    Click the 'Check for Updates' button to check the current updates for the software.

    Click the button, 'OK' to save the settings.

  • One of the volumes in my Mac has NTFS file system. Can I clone the data using Can Stellar Drive Clone?

    Yes, you can clone the data of any NTFS formatted volume. However, the cloned volume will be saved as exFAT file system.

  • Is software available for Power PC users?

    No, Software does not support Power PC anymore.

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