Stellar Partner program


Partner Program Overview


Stellar Partner Program aims at building a selected group of Partners to work together as a team, to reach the next level of success in the field of data recovery and data safety.


Levels of Program: Come and Join

Brief Details of the Program

Stellar offers following partner programs

  • Level I Affiliate
  • Level II Reseller
  • Level III Distributor

The level at which you join is determined by your organization’s level of expertise and the desired level of engagement you would like to have with Stellar.Determine which level best fits your organization based on your current Qualifications.


Program Description

Affiliate Program: The easiest way to start selling our product and earning a flat 30% commission on all of our products. As an affiliate you will have access to banners, affiliate links, coupon codes and many other promotional materials. You can work full or part time from home and earn a handsome paycheck every month. Some of the best affiliates are earning more than $10k per month. Sign up for our affiliate program now.


Reseller Program: This program is suitable for those who perform products’ promotion via retail sales outlets, software shops, computer stores etc. As a reseller you will get a 30% discount on our products and enjoy a lot of other benefits, some of which are listed below.


Key Benefits

  • Sell More Earn More: Stellar offers performance based margins. You will be able to earn more with each sale you generate
  • Marketing and Promotion support: We provide extensive marketing and promotion support to our resellers with Product Brochures and CDROM
  • Extensive Product Training: We provide extensive product training on Stellar products and license options so that you can have complete idea about our products and that can help you in selling the product in a better way
  • Strong Technical Support: Stellar offers strong technical support to all its clients by various means such as Phone, Chat, E-Mail, Exhaustive Knowledgebase Articles etc. So you need not to worry about handling technical support. Sign up for our reseller program

Level 3: Distributor

Stellar’s Level III Partner Program “Distributors” is the highest level of our Partner Program that reaps great rewards and demand high involvement.

  • Develop Reseller network: As a Distributor you need to develop reseller network for Stellar Products in your region.
  • Marketing & PR Activities: You should market Stellar Products in your region and take up PR activities also.
  • Product Registration. You need to get Stellar Products registered with regional corporate and government organizations.
  • Act as a local supplier: You should act as a local supplier of Stellar products in your region.
  • Sales Support: You should provide pre sales and post-sales support to the customers in regional language through dedicated manpower assigned for Stellar products.
  • Payment Option: You should provide facility to accept regional payment acceptance options to your clients. Contact us for distributorship request

Terms & Conditions:

  • The incentive plan refers to the sales generated on monthly basis.
  • The incentives will be based on MRP of Stellar Products.
  • The incentive plan is not applicable to revenue generated thru any promotion program
  • The incentive plan is subject to change without any prior notice

Key Facts about Stellar Products:

  • The most Extensive Product Range with products for almost all file system and operating system.
  • Multilingual Software Interface: Software Interface in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish language
  • Automated Delivery of the software over Internet ensuring fastest availability of the product to the user.
  • Fully Automated Software requiring no technical knowledge on part of the User.
  • No Hassles of Post Sales Services.
  • Global Client base : Data Recovery Efficiency Acknowledged by Thousands Of Users Worldwide in across 137 countries


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