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Technical writer with over 7 years of experience
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Charanjeet is a Technical Content Writer at Stellar® who specializes in writing about databases, e-mail recovery, and e-mail migration solutions. She loves researching and developing content that helps database administrators, organizations and novices to fix multiple problems related to MS SQL and MySQL databases and Microsoft Exchange.

She holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Computer Applications. She is also a certified HubSpot content marketer.

Charanjeet works on B2B products and has a knack for writing on database and e-mail repair and recovery solutions. She has published umpteen number of posts covering database and Exchange problems and their solutions.

Besides technical writing, she loves exploring her culinary skills.

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  Charanjeet Kaur   May 11, 2021   File Repair     Repair MSSQL Databases

As a SQL database administrator, you know how important it is to use DBCC CHECDKB to check databases’ physical and logical integrity. However, some of you might be hesitant to execute the DBCC CHECKDB...

Excel File Recovery – All You Need to Know

  Charanjeet Kaur   May 10, 2021   File Repair     Repair Office Documents

You may need to recover an Excel file due to the following reasons:Inadvertently closing the Excel file without saving itSystem crashes or power failure when an unsaved file is openReceiving errors in...

How to Recover Corrupted Excel File 2016?

  Charanjeet Kaur   April 21, 2021   File Repair     Repair Office Documents

Table of Contents Error Messages Indicating Corruption in Excel File Why does Excel File turn Corrupt? Workarounds to Recover Data from Corrupt Excel How to Recover Corrupted Excel File 2016 Whe...

How to fix MySQL database error 'The storage engine for the table doesn't support repair'

  Charanjeet Kaur   April 20, 2021   File Repair     Repair MySQL Databases

Table of Contents: Solutions to Fix MySQL Error ‘the storage engine for the table doesn’t support repair’ Manual Solutions to Resolve Storage Engine MySQL ErrorSolution 1 – Restore Dat...

Complete Guide for SQL Database Integrity Check

  Charanjeet Kaur   April 01, 2021   File Repair     Repair MSSQL Databases

Table of Contents About SQL Database Integrity Check How Often Should You Run Database Integrity Checks on SQL Server Database? How to Check Database Integrity in SQL Server?...

How to Fix Excel Data Not Showing in Cell?

  Charanjeet Kaur   March 25, 2021   File Repair     Repair Office Documents

Sometimes, when you open an Excel spreadsheet, you can’t see the text you have typed in a cell. The text may be visible on the formula bar but not in the cell itself. For instance, in the image below...

SQL Server Log Shipping - Disaster Recovery Mechanism

  Charanjeet Kaur   February 26, 2021   File Repair     Repair MSSQL Databases

It is crucial for any business, organization, or individual deploying SQL Server to ensure that mission crucial Server instances and databases within them are available when needed. All the SQL Serve...

How to Rebuild Indexes in SQL Database?

  Charanjeet Kaur   January 29, 2021   File Repair     Repair MSSQL Databases

When and Why You Need to Rebuild Indexes in SQL Database? Indexes in a SQL database gets modified by the database engine automatically whenever an INSERT, DELETE, or UPDATE operation is performed...

[Problem Fixed] Excel Open But Can’t See Spreadsheet

  Charanjeet Kaur   January 29, 2021   File Repair     Repair Office Documents

Several Excel users have reported about experiencing ‘Excel spreadsheet disappears after opening’ issue. The problem occurs when attempting to open an Excel file by double-clicking on the file icon or...

QuickBooks Verify Data Failed, Next Step to Fix Corruption

  Charanjeet Kaur   January 22, 2021   File Repair     Repair QuickBooks Files

QuickBooks® built-in 'Verify Data' utility helps identify commonly encountered data issues within a company file. It can determine if the company file has become corrupted and returns “your data has l...

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