Vishal Chaudhary

Mac Data Recovery Expert @Stellar Data Recovery.
Experience & Education

Vishal is a data recovery expert @Stellar. He addresses to data loss scenarios on a Mac. If you want to get in touch with him then send him a “Hello” at vishal.chaudhary[AT]

Vishal did his Master’s in Business Administration and also, he holds an engineering degree in Information Technology. He loves to implement his technical & marketing skills in his professional environment.

Vishal has 8+ years of experience in solving data recovery problems. He has tested several iMacs, MacBook systems, storage devices, Time Machine, encrypted volumes for the purpose of data recovery.

Vishal loves to do cooking, travelling, watching movies, reading auto-biographies and socializing.

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Is Recuva File Recovery Software Available for macOS?

  Vishal Chaudhary   October 08, 2021   Data Recovery     Mac Data Recovery

Data loss is one of the most inconvenient and potentially disastrous events for a computer user. When confronted with such a situation, it's easy to get into a state of panic. The only thing you can d...

How to Add, Delete, and Restore a User Account on Mac?

  Vishal Chaudhary   September 29, 2021   Data Recovery     Mac Data Recovery

You may need to create separate user accounts on Mac if there are multiple users working on it. Doing so brings in customization of personal settings and preferences for each of them. With dedicated u...

How to Record Screen on Mac and Retrieve Deleted Recordings?

  Vishal Chaudhary   September 24, 2021   Data Recovery     Mac Data Recovery

Table of Content New Movie Recording New Audio Recording New Screen Recording How to Save the Recording? Recover Deleted Recordings Suppose you need to capture something on your Mac screen, but...

Ways to Factory Reset MacBook Pro without Data Loss

  Vishal Chaudhary   September 13, 2021   Data Recovery     Mac Data Recovery

If you’re planning to sell or exchange your old Mac, obviously you'll need to erase all your private and confidential data from it. A factory reset is the simplest way to accomplish this. You might al...

Understand the Wearing Level on a Mac SSD

  Vishal Chaudhary   September 10, 2021   Data Recovery     Mac Data Recovery

Solid State Drives (SSDs) are a new generation of computer storage devices. They are basically flash memory drives that use a grid of cells to store data. This makes them substantially faster tha...

Boot your Mac System in Multiple Ways

  Vishal Chaudhary   August 26, 2021   Data Recovery     Mac Data Recovery

First things first – What is Booting? The process of starting up a computer is known as booting. It can either be triggered directly with the help of hardware like a button press, or through a system...

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Excel Files in Mac?

  Vishal Chaudhary   August 17, 2021   Data Recovery     Mac Data Recovery

Mac users generally prefer Apple's proprietary productivity applications. But still, a considerable number of people use industry-standard Microsoft Office suite applications on Mac, primarily due to...

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