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    The term ‘Disk Sanitization’ might be new for most of us, but plays important role in securing the data integrity

    What is disk sanitization?

    Disk Sanitization is the process of eliminating sensitive data or information from storage media like hard disk drives. In cases, when the data on the hard disk is deleted, some or all information about the data may still remain on the hard drive. Such a condition where data still exist even after formatting or erasing the drive is called Data Remanence‘, which can be easily recovered by any data recovery software. To tackle data remanence problem in the hard drives, we use sanitization process.

    Choosing to go for disk sanitization services may help you to get rid of any possible accident of data drainage due to hazardous media recycling, in case of system handout, casual practices of data wiping. Formatting the entire hard disk drive is mere a temporarily solution to erase the confidential data. With any file recovery software, the data on the formatted drive can be recovered back, reused or misused. So, Stellar won’t suggest you to only format the hard disk drive before you dispose of it. Make sure you wipe it – sanitize it.

    Why the need for disk sanitization arises –

    • You plan to buy a new computer or a new hard disk and let go the old one.
    • Pass possession of treasure from one to another course.
    • You have decided to pause or end your business
    • You want to adhere to Laws and Compliance for protection of classified data
    • You feel to use Harddisk Warranty Replacement or upgradation

    Stellar Disk Sanitization services

    Stellar Data Sanitization

    Disk Sanitization Process


    Advantage of Hard Disk Sanitization Services –

    • Avert escape of client’s information, organization classified information, monetary data.
    • Certified services abide by reluctant agreement like HIPAA, SOX & GLB Act for Media Disposal re-use and accountability.
    • Assured safekeeping from data stealing, incorrect media devastation and below par wiped media.
    • Prevents intangible costs and money loss due to the inappropriate discarding of storage media.
    • Saves good measure of time and resources required to overwrite the information or destroying the magnetic media.

    Stellar Disk Sanitization Services adhere to following Compliances:


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    P.S. – Data once compromised, no matter if it belongs to a person, corporate or any business, the outcomes may result in loss of business, credibility, huge monetary fines or confinement.

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    Oliver Powell is a Data Recovery Expert at Stellar®. He is a passionate technology blogger & content creator, He explores new applications and has deep understanding of data recovery. He has experience in Windows & Mac data recovery domain.


    1. Hi i am kavin, its my first time to commenting anyplace when i read this piece of writing i thought i could also create comment due to
      this brilliant piece of writing.

      1. It depends on the sensitivity of the data. If the data is highly confidential and valuable, then we recommend sending the hard drive to our data erasure labs. Sometimes, all of the data is not erased, so we advise to go for physical destruction method.

      1. Hello Hellene,

        Disk Sanitization refers to complete destruction of confidential data, out of the scope of data recovery

        As per your query, the various ways are

        1) Physical Destruction
        2) Degaussing
        3) Using Data Erasure Software

        If there anything, can I assist you?

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