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How to fix ‘Unable to load Video: An Error Occurred’

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    Summary: Are you facing ‘unable to load video’ error message while trying to play videos on iPhone or iPad? No worries. This post guides you how to fix the error and watch your videos on the iOS device without any issue.

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    ‘I am frequently facing ‘unable to load video’ error message ever since iOS 16 update. Its annoying as I cannot watch videos on iPhone. How to fix the issue?’

    ‘Since I upgraded to iPhone14 Pro from iPhone 11, I have problem playing a few videos. It states ‘error loading video’. I even bought more iCloud storage but no luck. Please help.’

    Videos not loading on iPhone or show ‘Unable to load video, an error occurred’ message is a persistent issue faced by iPhone users, even after successive iOS upgrades, irrespective of the iPhone model.

    As the annoying error stops you from watching your favorite videos on iPhone, you want to fix it soon. But before that its’ important to understand what could be the cause of this ‘unable to load video’ error, to troubleshoot the problem accordingly.

    Why iPhone shows unable to load videos error?

    There is no single reason for video loading error. Usually, videos saved in iCloud would display unable to load error on iPhone, if the Internet is off or you have slow connection.

    Another common reason behind videos not loading on iPhone is that the ‘optimize storage’ option is enabled on your iOS device. Apple offers this feature to save space on your iOS device and stores the full resolution videos to iCloud. However, this often results in the video loading problem on the device.

    Its’ also possible that your iPhone has insufficient space, which prevents videos from loading. There could also be a bug that can be fixed with iPhone update.

    Right 9 ways to Fix ‘Unable to load Video, an error occurred’ on iPhone, iPad


    Method 1: Restart iPhone

    Restart, also called soft reset can fix error in loading video on iPhone or iPad. Close all the applications and restart your iPhone or iPad.

    Method 2: Turn on Internet of the iOS device

    If you are watching YouTube, Netflix, or other online videos, ensure cellular data of your device is turned on. In case you are facing the error ‘unable to load video: an error occurred’ while loading a higher quality version of the video on iPhone, try by switching to uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection. Note that high speed Internet is necessary for streaming videos on iOS device.

    Method 3: Update your iOS device

    You can update the device to fix ‘unable to load video’ error on iPhone or iPad. To update your iPhone or iPad follow the given steps. Before that make sure Wi-Fi is turned on.

    • Go to Settings > General > Software Update.
    • Click Download and Install followed by Install Now.

    Method 4: Turn off the Optimize Storage option

    When ‘optimize storage’ option is enabled on your iOS device, all the full-resolution high quality videos and photos get saved in iCloud while only the compressed space-saving versions are on your iPhone.

    Thus, when you try to open a video on the iOS device, it takes time eventually to load it from iCloud. While sometimes, the video may not load at all. Try to fix unable to load video on iPhone by turning off this feature. Here are steps to disable optimize storage’ option:

    • Open Settings. Click on your name.
    • Tap on iCloud > Photos.
    • Below Optimize iPhone Storage, tap on Download and Keep Originals option.
    Disable Optimise iPhone Storage Option
    Figure: Disable Optimise iPhone Storage Option

    Wait until the iPhone downloads all the videos from iCloud. You should now be able to open videos without loading error.

    Method 5: Update the app that shows video load error on iPhone

    If the video loading issue error pops up in a particular app like YouTube, Instagram, then update the application. If the update doesn’t help, you can reinstall the app also. This should fix videos not loading error or buffering issues. App update are available in App Store. To update any iPhone app follow the given steps:

    • Open the App Store.
    • Now click on your profile icon on top.
    Update app in App Store
    Figure: Update app in App Store
    • Scroll to find your app and click on the Update button next to it. You can also click on Update All on top.

    Method 6: Create free space on your iPhone

    High quality videos may not load and show error if there is no space on your iPhone. Check your iOS device, if it has enough free space. Its’ essential to have 2GB free space available in the device to play high quality and large size videos.

    You can check the available space on your iPhone or iPad by navigating to: Settings > General > iPhone Storage.

    iPhone storage screen
    Figure: iPhone storage screen

    On the top right, you will see the amount of space used on your iOS device. If the space is less, remove the useless videos, photos, apps and other data on your iPhone or iPad.

    Method 7: Access video from

    If the videos don’t load on iPhone and show error, try to access them via on your computer by following the below steps:

    • Open and enter Apple ID credentials to sign in.
    • Click on the Photos or iCloud Drive app where the video is saved.
    • Find your video and click on it to open.

    There’s also the options in to share the video via email or download to save it on your computer.

    Method 8: Repair video not loading on iPhone

    If you face ‘unable to load video’ an error occurred in Camera Roll videos of iPhone, the file may have corrupted.

    Copy or transfer the problem video to your PC or Mac. Download and install a video repair software—Stellar Repair for Video. It can fix file corruption in the error throwing iPhone video. The software is compatible with MP4, MOV, HEVC, video files formats used in iPhone and iPad.

    The software also offers a free trail wherein you can repair the corrupt video and watch its preview.

    Download for Windows Download for Mac

    Method 9: Restore iPhone to factory settings

    If ‘unable to load video’ error is perpetual on your iPhone or iPad, in spite of trying the above methods, then factory reset can be your last bet.

    As all know, factory reset will delete everything on your iOS device, make sure you create the latest backup of the iPhone in iCloud or iTunes.

    Follow the below steps to factory reset iPhone and fix unable to load video error:

    • Open Settings > General > Reset.
    • Click on Erase All Content and Settings.
    • Enter Apple passcode. Click on Erase iPhone and follow the prompts.

    Now check if the video error problem is resolved or not.

    Wrapping Up & FAQ

    Usually one of the methods shared in this post fixes the error – ‘unable to load video‘, an error occurred on iPhone. However, unfortunately if none works and you cannot play videos on iPhone, contact Apple support.


    1. Why does my iPhone say ‘an error occurred while loading a higher quality version of this photo’?

    High quality photos/videos require more storage space to open. Less free storage is one of the for the media file loading error.

    Hence, delete some useless photos, videos, or apps to free up space. Now you can open the high quality photo/video smoothly without any error.

    2. Why my iPhone videos not playing on PC?

    Your iPhone videos may not play on Windows PC due to many reasons— the media player doesn’t support videos file format; virus in your PC; or the video has turned corrupt during transfer. However, you can fix the problem and play iPhone videos on Windows.

    3. Why I cannot view my video in

    In, select the Photos app and click Photos. In the side bar, you will see the thumbnails of all your photos and videos. Find your video and click on it to view.

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