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I purchased a copy for my son's MacBook. Software is able to salvage many individual files on MacBook. You have a great product --



Great product - love it. Solved a problem that no other recovery software could.



I had problems with activation after a clean install if OS X Sierra, the communication about this issue was not very easy. After a lot of e-mails finally the problem was solved.

Simon Kossen



I downloaded the trial version, which scanned and indicated it cold recover 130GB of my photos, videos, etc. on the corrupted Mac drive. Happily I went and purchased the product, including the "Volume Optimizer".

Clay D


I never thought the recovery of deleted photos from my MacBook is possible. I have some photos taken during last vacation. I was not able to backup those files. Thanks to your Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery, it recovered my lost photos.



Data Recovery from the Encrypted file system is a unique feature.



Deleted recovery option worked best for my 8 SD card. Recovered thousands of deleted photos.

Tim Stevens


Recover permanently trashed file from my Mac Pro.



I purchased the product and ran the tool and it recovered data. It returned all of my photos, videos, music, documents... and the best part is all of recovered files are working properly. Good product and service!



I am contented with the performance of this product , that was Frightening moment of my life when I came to know my data is deleted, but this product recovered my all files in very short time period without making it very hectic ,that's why this deserve 5 stars . thanks developers for making best product for mac audience…..



I am pleased to share my experience about this software, that was very horrible when I came to know my files got deleted mistakenly, I was quaking in boots, because I had been saving them for very long period of time,, I wasn’t able to understand what should I do, then someone told me about Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery, really, guys, this product is amazing. This product recovered about 100% my data, I don’t have words for Stellar you all guys are incredible, “I am indebted to you (Stellar).



Ah! What a great product for recovering deleted Mac files, it’s unbelievable, Definitely, I would recommend to other Mac audiences to try this for recovering deleted files.

Vern Schindler


The software is a complete return on investment (ROI). After spending just $99, I recover the tuition documents of all my students quite quickly. Without, the data recovery software I was on the losing side as I was near to lose my $2000. Thanks, Stellar Info for developing such a useful product!



WOW factor of this software is the recovery of deleted files from a corrupted Time Machine hard drive.

Guadalupe Wilkins


Upgraded to the latest macOS Sierra lost all my JPEG files then I found this app, and got all my files deleted files back.


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