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Jane Hanscome


HFS+ file system storage device format is well supported by software.



I thought 2 TB external flash drive was doomed for sure. I had been trying all day in finding some easiest ways to retrieve the files that were stored on the flash drive. Also, my MacBook Pro computer did not recognize the flash drive, every time I tried to insert it into the MacBook Pro. I thought that all my files were lost until I download and use this data recovery software on my MacBook Pro. Thanks, Stellar, for developing this excellent piece of Mac data recovery software.

Jack Hornbill


Being a professional computer expert, the software scanning time really impressed me.



Due to too many scratches, my 8 GB fully loaded DVD with old movies started working and became inaccessible. After using the Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Software, I successfully recovered all the lost music and movies. The software treats the DVD drive as another external hard disk and provides me immediate access to the data stored on CD-DVD drive.

Frances Tyler


The software takes a little bit of time while completing the hard drive scanning. However, it helps to recovers my daughter deleted notes.

Michael Morgan


I am able to recover the huge number of JPEG files, definitely a matter of relief for me and my family.

Jonathan DeAndrade


The name of Stellar Data Recovery is sufficient for me to trust this Mac data recovery software. The results are very much accurate



I bought a partition manager software to increase the size of my BootCamp partition to 100GBs. But the entire process went otherwise and it corrupted my BootCamp partition. All of my Windows files were gone, few of them extremely important to me. I tried to fix the BootCamp partition using the advices from experts but the damages was irreversible. And then I read about Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery tool which supported BootCamp recovery. I fasten my seat belt and tirelessly worked on the BootCamp recovery. Luckily, the tool found my NTFS partition, its size was approximately the original size of my Bootcamp partition. I was able to get back my important files. Some of the files were recover corrupted but I was lucky that the ones I needed the most were intact.



Best software to recovers deleted video files from macOS Sierra hard drive.



This is a Godsend product! Somehow, a program automatically starts popping up and starts deleting files from my digital video library. However, I tried to stop the process before it destroyed all the videos files stored on the external drive. This library has taken too much time in producing. The files did not go to my Mac trash folder, so could not be able to recover them from there. However, when I reached out to the Google for finding out the video recovery possibility, I came across Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Software. Previously, I have used some other Stellar software that I was very pleased with so took a chance with this Data Recovery program and it worked for me. Thank you so much Stellar!



Warning: Either buy this product or keep your Mac miles away from grandpa. He deleted all my data when he tried to prove his smartness. I had to recover everything from zero.

Chad Morrow


Don't really trust third party software for my Mac but Stellar Phoenix proved to be a saviour.

Kevin Portillo


I like the new interface. Definitely better than its predecessor.

Akie Ronald


Well compatible with MacOS Sierra 10.12



I loved how the software recovered deleted files from 1 TB Encrypted My WD Passport HDD, but it took lots of time to do so. Still a preferred tool for my Mac.


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