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I would personally like to thanks your technical staff who solved my case like a pro with Stellar 7.1. My HDD had been missing the file system and couldn’t show me the data. After having received a nice explanation and solution to my issue, I in no time made the data recovery possible.



No backup nothing and foolishly I restored my Mac Mini hard drive resulting in an epic loss of my files. That day was hell; felt like punching myself again and again. But thanks to your software I made approximately 95% of data recovery from Mac Mini. Yeah, 95%. Thanks for saving, my soul.

John Culp


I am comfortably able to recover my lost files from Mac Pro



And I was about to throw my Time Machine hard drive when I tried everything, but all resulted in despair. But your software performed RAW scan after the drive showed up and listed folders from Jan 22, 2017, to Feb 10, 2017 (the date after my Time Machine got dead partially but mounted after cable replacement though still struggled to get access). Your's software is amazingly responsive and a better choice for Macs.

Gabriella Gaudreault


Complete file recovery from Mac hard drive.



You guys are masters of data recovery :). Only your software located my troublesome 32 GB Wi-Fi SDHC Class 10 Memory Card, and it comfortably recovered deleted files on macOS Sierra 10.12.2.

Franklin Kovacs


If you are going to use mac recovery software first time in life so This software is only for you its very convenient to use, very fast and about 100 % data, this can be recovered.

Lynette Smith


THANK YOU so much for your help yesterday! AWESOME company to work with and they were able to help me retrieve data that I accidentally deleted from my trash. Best $$$ spent thus far and their recovery program was by far the best for acquiring data, file structure, and all the folders too. Someone from the company called me to help walk me through the final recovery of my files. Super grateful! I cannot recommend them enough.



An excellent software for data retrieval!

Andry Vargas


Easily recovers data from Mac Pro



My husband life went upside down when I accidentally initialized his 1 TB size Seagate external hard drive that had his coding and other projects related work in WordPad and Powerpoint. Just could not afford to loose 1500 lines of source code and his project presentation work. Before I got this utility, I contact with the customer support team of Stellar regarding the software, and they provide me with a separate documentation on how to purchase and use the software. Gladly, the software worked for me, and I retrieved all my data.

Victor Accam


I get to know about this software from the Google Search, many people says it is the best software, can’t believe until I myself test and used it. Highly recommended software.

Mark Thomas


Your tool is extremely powerful.
I am amazed it recovered files that I deleted in 2015 along with those files which I deleted a week ago. I have a Window PC and I have downloaded the trial copy of your Windows version. Will surely try it out. Folks, keep me updated.

Nancy Barbara


I can’t believe that if is possible to recover data from permanently trashed files

Jane Hanscome


HFS+ file system storage device format is well supported by software.


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