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Quite attractive features. This software is really using a strong algorithm as written about it on the page. This can easily recover different file formats. Thanks Stellar.

Josh Ruble


Could not find the missing partition... but a Japanese program found it easy. No C:/ drive existed in the 2nd hard drive... or it could not find it.



Easily able to recover my deleted partition with the help of this amazing tool. Nice software.



I had tested this software and found that it is quite an amazing software for a data recovery. The darker area of this software is only its scanning speed, but this can be ignored due to its productive output.

Kevin Young


This software doesn’t show the preview of this large files to recovery. Really bad.

Arthur Walter


Stellar data recovery software is a wizard tool. It recovered all my lost images, videos and other files due to accidental deletion.



I feel lucky to write about this magical software which had recovered my lost data from my wife’s hard drive. The data was so valuable for her that at any cost, she has to recover it.

Glenn Tamar


One of the finest Windows data recovery software ever developed. Keep it up the good work

George P


I had easily recovered my college presentations with the help of this software. This is really amazing. Nice piece of software.



Being a tech guy, I had tried this software to recover my 5 GB data from my 8-year hard drive. I was surprised to see the results. Apart from getting the results, this software shows me the files listed into it before opting for recovery. This helped me to recover only my valuable data. Thanks!



Feeling glad to have this software. Really impressive.



Interesting Features. Highly recommended due to its advanced quality and features.

Rahul Swamy


RAW Recovery feature by Stellar Phoenix makes it ahead from other software in the market.



Uses strong and powerful mechanism to recover the lost or deleted method. Helpful software.


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