• Stellar Drive Clone

Stellar Drive Clone

An advanced utility that creates a replica of Mac hard drive and partitions in the form of an exact ready-to-use copy and disk image file (DMG)


Complete Mac Hard Drive Cloning utility that clones and creates a disk image of the Mac hard drive, Solid State Drives, Partitions and External Hard Drives. This Mac cloning tool supports HFS-to-HFS, FAT-to-FAT and NTFS-to-EXFAT cloning.

  • Clones Mac hard drive and logical volumes
  • Creates and stores disk image of the Mac hard drive and logical volumes
  • Facilitates restoring volume(s) from a folder or a disk image file
  • Allows you to take backups of all important files and folders
  • Capable of cloning Encrypted Mac hard drives and volumes
  • Compatible with macOS Sierra 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6, 10.5
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Key Features

An all-on-one software solution to Clone Mac Hard Drive, Create Disk Image, Restore from Image, Backup Mac, and much more. Following are the features that make this product stand out from among its competitors:

Clones Mac Hard Drive & Volumes icon

Clones Mac Hard Drive & Volumes

This Mac clone hard drive software smoothly clones Macintosh HD, Recovery HD and Local Volumes to another destination like a hard drive, network drive, volume, or a folder. The created clone is an exact copy of your Mac’s hard drive and it can serve as a backup in situations of crisis such as a system crash, hard drive damage, data loss or inaccessibility, etc. This Mac Disk Cloning tool faciliatest cloning of the entire hard disk drive to another drive and specific partitions or volumes to another partitions, network volumes and hard drives.

Clones Mac Hard Drive to SSD icon

Clones Mac Hard Drive to SSD

The software can be used to clone Mac Hard Drives to SSD and vice versa. SSDs or Solid State Drives have a faster performance than a magnetic platter-based drives and are less prone to damage. Thus, it is worthwhile to clone your Mac hard drive to an SSD. Also, although SSDs are robust, they can also be susceptible to damage in rare situations. Thus, you may sometimes need to clone your SSDs to Mac hard drive. This tool can help you perform both these tasks with a few clicks.

Disk Image Creation icon

Disk Image Creation

While a clone creates a replica of your hard drive, a disk image creates a type of snapshot of your hard drive ignoring any bad sectors and unused file space on it. Thus, if you experience missing data scenarios on your system and suspect that bad sectors are developing on your Mac, then image your Mac hard drive using this software to preserve the good sectors before they also get damaged. The image file (DMG) is stored on the hard drive and can be used to access lost or inaccessible data.

Backs up Mac Hard Drives  icon

Backs up Mac Hard Drives

This useful utility helps you back up your Mac hard drive smoothly and efficiently. All you have to do is simply select the folders or files from any partition on the hard drive and then back them up. The software even lets you set periodic schedules to back up your Mac hard drive, be it daily, weekly, or monthly. Just set the dates and the software will run the backup process automatically. What’s more, you can also back up removable media through it.

Restores Hard Drive Mac icon

Restores Hard Drive Mac

The ‘Restore’ feature of this cloning application helps you restore Mac hard drive or HFS volumes to their original state. It copies all data stored within the hard disk drive clone or disk image file (.DMG) faster than you can do manually and also eliminates the chances of human error. You need to select the cloned folder or disk image file from the source path and provide a destination to which the software will restore your valuable data.

Supports Multiple File Systems icon

Supports Multiple File Systems

Mac HD clone software supports cloning for HFS, HFS+, FAT, as well as ExFAT based drives and volumes. Not only hard drives, but it also lets you clone ExFAT format flash drives too. Also, this tool can perform cloning for any NTFS formatted drive to ExFAT formatted drive in Mac OSX, and it can clone BootCamp partition too. It gives you the advantage of cloning hard disks formatted with MBR (Master Boot Record) partition map scheme which is native to DOS and Windows disks and memory cards.

Resizes Drive Volumes icon

Resizes Drive Volumes

Once the hard drive cloning is completed, and the drive on which the clone has been saved (destination drive) has extra storage space, this space becomes useless and cannot save any new data. Stellar Drive Clone software provides a solution to this problem by offering to resize destination drive volumes so that all the space on the drive can be utilized.

Options to Customize Process Completion icon

Options to Customize Process Completion

With this intuitive software, you can select a number of process completion tasks as per preference. For example, you can set custom tones to signal end-task activities of Mac hard drive imaging or cloning, or you can set the system to sleep or shut down once the cloning process finishes. You can also check for Stellar Drive Clone updates on a scheduled day.

 Creates a Bootable Disk Image icon

Creates a Bootable Disk Image

In case your Mac is experiencing boot up issues, or your system crashes while trying to start, Stellar Drive Cloning software lets you create a bootable disk image that can help you start up your Mac. This bootable DMG file can be stored on an external hard drive or USB stick and can be carried along at all times. What’s more, you can include multiple applications depending upon the space on the media and run them from the bootable drive or USB. You do not need to copy the Mac Drive Clone application to the Bootable Media, as it exists as a built-in application. How to Create Bootable USB for Mac using Stellar Drive Clone software

Creates an Alternate Mac System icon

Creates an Alternate Mac System

In case your Mac is unable to run with full features due to technical faults, you can use this software to create an alternative system that would work as a real system. This alternate system operates with just the necessary files, which usually include Apple's default applications, all the files or folders on the desktop, and any specific applications selected by you. Here, it is important to note that booting from a minimal system is faster than the Bootable Media.

Compatible with macOS Sierra icon

Compatible with macOS Sierra

OS: macOS Sierra 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6, 10.5
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Hard Disk: 50 MB of Free Space




The time required for creating a clone of the Mac hard drive depends on several factors:

Data transfer speed of the source and destination drive

Quantity of data

Alignment and size distribution of the files stored in the source hard drive

Data transfer method

Processor's speed and architecture

Performance of the hardware interface


Stellar Drive Clone performs cloning of drives and volumes that are formatted with HFS, HFS+, FAT, and exFAT. The software can also clone an NTFS-formatted drive to exFAT drive. If your source drive has an HFS+ partition, FAT partition, and NTFS partition, this cloning tool will copy all data from your FAT and HFS+ partitions to the destination drive with similar partitions and clone the NTFS partition into an exFAT partition on this drive. The cloned copy of the hard drive will contain data in all the three partitions. Note: Stellar Drive Clone utility clones Windows BootCamp partition to ExFAT partition.

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No, the bootable media created using this cloning software can only be used to boot the same or identical system on which it is created. If you created a bootable media on an Intel machine, it cannot be used on a machine having a PowerPC processor.


Yes, the software can easily clone any particular volume (partition) of your system to a connected network drive using the 'Clone volume to a network drive' option in the 'Clone' window.


Yes, the software clones hard drives by providing you an option to resize volumes on the destination drive. You can increase the size of the volumes on destination drive to have just two partitions.


You can set preferences to 'play sound', 'send system to sleep' and 'shut down system', once the hard drive imaging/cloning process gets finished. You can also set the preferences to check for the latest Drive Clone software updates, as per the selected option (Daily, Weekly, and Monthly).

Steps to set the end-task preferences:


Yes. You can clone the data of any NTFS formatted volume. However, the cloned volume will be saved as exFAT file system.


The software does not support Power PC any longer.


Yes. Stellar Drive Clone software takes a full backup of NTFS formatted Windows BootCamp partition. It clones NTFS partition to EXFAT file-system.

How to Clone Macintosh HD and Backup BootCamp Partition to Another Drive?

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User Comments



It got the job done. It cloned the 1 terabyte drive with little effort or complex thought. The software made the job easy.



Hey Drive Clone, you saved me every piece of files that were affected by a notorious adware. Thanks to you I restore all my files back intact after a fresh macOS reinstallation.



Disk Imaging took a while but it successfully created dmg for a hard drive having 10-15% of bad sectors. My data was safely copied. Thanks.



Migration Assistant failed to copy over 1000+ video files from my older MacBook Pro to a brand new IMAC 2016. Tried with different Thunderbolt cables but no luck. Finally got Stellar Drive Clone and copied all videos to an external disk and got it transferred to iMac hard drive.



The dmg file created by Stellar Drive Clone quickly restored the data on another Mac when my old Mac blacked out. So thankful to the application, it saved some of my important files.

Paul Ramirez


Stellar Drive Clone saved my important data after my Mac shut down abruptly while upgrading to macOS Sierra.



I used Stellar Drive Clone application for creating a bootable clone of my OS X 2012 with a 1000 GB HD. Though the process was somewhat time-consuming after a period, it has successfully created my bootable clone along with a recovery partition.



With Stellar Drive Clone, my backups are always up-to-date and ready for quick restoration.

James pattinson


Best cloning software for cloning SSDs to a network hard drive.

Carl Odell


There are couples of reasons I choose to clone my MacBook Pro with Stellar Drive Clone software. Firstly, it allows making a full backup through a bootable clone copy of my Mac. Secondly, it allows cloning the Windows partition to an exfat file system. The exfat will not boot the Mac but it can take hold of the important files that lies on the BootCamp partition. Thirdly, the family license gives me option to back my 3 Macs.

David Gray


After the Time Machine application, I only rely on the Stellar Drive Clone for backing up the Macintosh HD



I created a bootable clone of my MBP 2012 with Stellar Drive Clone and it helped me access another MBP which was inaccessible for a month. Superb software.

Darren Ferraro


I was unable to clone my external hard drive to another partition with Disk Utility. The process repeatedly failed on OS X Yosemite. But with the Drive Clone software, the external hard drive got cloned without a fuss.

Richard Loo


My external hard drive cloned through CCC goes corrupt each time on my iMac. I couldn't find out the reasons for it. Just changed the software to Stellar Drive Clone and everything is fine.

Larry Moses


Once I wanted to create the dmg of my Macintosh hd but disk imaging would take forever time forcing me to abort. With Stellar it did took hours but the process was completed successfully.


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