Stellar Partition Manager

Mac Partition Manager

Stellar Partition Manager that allows you to perform basic partitioning operations, such as creating, deleting, resizing, formatting, and hiding/revealing a partition.

  • Creates new partition(s) on Mac hard drive

  • Resizes, formats, or deletes existing partitions
  • Resizes Mac partition by optimizing the free space
  • Resizes Boot Camp & NTFS partition with ease
*Free download helps you evaluate the partition manager features. Stellar Partition Manager doesn't support macOS Mojave or APFS.

Key Features

Create new Partition

The software allows you to easily and safely create partitions of any type on your Mac hard drive. If there is scattered free space on the drive, the comprehensive utility shifts the existing partitions to make sufficient space for the new partition to be created.

Advance Repair

Delete Partition

Using the software, you can comfortably delete a partition on your drive to create more free space for other disk usage. It is advisable to backup all your important data before performing this task. For deleting the system partition, you require creating a bootable media using Stellar Partition Manager.

Resizes Boot Camp partitions & NTFS drives

With this Mac partition manager software, you can easily resize the Boot Camp partition so that both Windows OS & Mac OS X have appropriate partition sizes. User can also connect their NTFS formatted PC drives and resize the partitions as per need.

Advance Repair

Resize Mac Partition

The software effectively resizes Mac partitions on any drive by adjusting and reorganizing the free space and thus, making the operation secure and free from any risk of data loss

More Awesome Features

Format Partition

The software facilitates easy and quick formatting of partitions when you wish to completely wipe off all data present on a particular volume to remove any unwanted virus and other malicious programs from the drive.

Advance Repair

Create Bootable Media

Stellar Partition Manager enables you to create a bootable media that could be used to perform partitioning operations on the boot drive. You need to backup your important data before working on the boot drive. The bootable support for OS X 10.11.4 is added in the software.

Hide / Reveal Partition

You can anytime hide a partition to conceal your important information or make it inaccessible to any unauthorized person for safety reasons. You can easily unhide or mount this partition later by using the ‘Reveal’ option.

Advance Repair

Roll back

This unique feature allows you to undo your last selection that you made to perform an action, but later decided not to proceed further

Technical Specifications

About Product

Stellar Partition Manager


Release Date

March, 2017


Can use only on a single system

Version Support



End User License Agreement


Language Supported


System Requirements

Stellar Partition Manager



Operating System

macOS Sierra 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7 & 10.6


1 GB Minimum

Hard Disk

50 MB of Free Space

Download Guides


Start Using Stellar Partition Manager Today With Our Free Trial.

*Free download helps you evaluate the partition manager features. Stellar Partition Manager doesn't support macOS Mojave or APFS.

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  1. Launch Stellar Partition Manager
  2. Select your hard drive from the left panel
  3. Use partition-edge to decrease the partition size
  4. Click Add button from top-menu bar
  5. Enter Partition Name, Size, Type
  6. Click OK
  7. Resize your Mac partitions accordingly using partition-edge
  8. Click Play button to apply your changes

This will add another partition your Mac hard drive

  1. Launch Stellar Partition Manager
  2. Select your hard drive from the left panel
  3. Click Format button from top-menu bar
  4. Enter Partition Name, Size, Type
  5. Click OK
  6. Click Play button to save changes

This will format your Mac partition

  1. Launch Stellar Partition Manager
  2. Select your hard drive from the left panel
  3. Click Delete button from top-menu bar
  4. Click Play button to save changes

This will delete the partition from your drive


1. You need to create a bootable USB with Stellar Partition Manager to Format, Add, Delete or Resize partitions on a startup Mac hard disk drive.

2. No, need to create a bootable USB for managing non-booting partitions or partitioning external hard drives.


No, Stellar Partition Manager doesn't support macOS Mojave, High Sierra & APFS file system. The software is compatible with macOS Sierra 10.12 till Snow Leopard 10.6.


The partition you are trying to resize may contain some bad sectors. In such case, the resizing operation fails. Another reason could be that the partition has some errors in the file system.


You have made this partition hidden using Stellar Partition Manager. When the software hides a partition, you cannot perform any operation on this partition using Disk Utility. To mount or unhide the partition, you need to reveal it using the software itself.


No, the software does not allow merging partitions


At times, it happens when Disk utility fails to resize any partition on Mac hard drive. It may be the Startup disk partition or any other logical partition that fails to resize via Disk Utility. In such cases, Stellar Partition Manager will help you resize the stubborn partition. This software will create the boot DMG & will start the Mac OS X in bootable environment. It then recognizes & collects free spaces on the Mac hard drive & easily let user to resize the partition to take the free spaces.

Please Note: Stellar Partition Manager recognizes &shows the free spaces on the Mac hard drive whereas Disk Utility doesn’t.


Yes, it’s easier to resize Mac partitions through Stellar Partition Manager software over Disk utility because of the following reasons:

  1. Mac partition manager UI is similar to the UI of older Disk Utility hence it is user friendlier as always
  2. Mac partition manager software collects all free spaces at one place i.e. free spaces is gathered below all the partitions. Hence resizing Mac partitions with the availability of free spaces is extremely simple. Unfortunately, Disk Utility doesn’t collect free spaces, rather it makes free spaces as unused spaces.
  3. When Disk utility fails to format some partition due to whatsoever reasons then this Mac partition manager tackles the situation smartly.
  4. It has support to shift or resize Mac and BootCamp partitions.


Boot Camp Resizing is the new feature of Stellar Partition Manager V3.0 and older version such as 2.5 and 2.0 don’t support Boot Camp resizing. It is recommended to register the latest version of Stellar Partition Manger i.e. V3.0 in order to resize Boot Camp partition.