Stellar Converter for EDB is a useful software to export the mailboxes & individual mail items from EDB file to the Public Folder of Exchange Server or Office 365.  To export mailboxes to Public Folder, you must have full access to Public Folder root of the destination Exchange Server or Office 365 account.

These are the steps to export mailbox to Public Folder:

1.Open and scan the database file using the Stellar Converter for EDB.

2.Next, select the mailbox or specific mailbox items listed in the navigation tree.

navigation tree

3. Click Save from Home Ribbon.

  • Save As dialog box will appear

4. Select Export to Public Folder option.

Export to Public Folder

5. Click Next.

  • Save dialogue box will open for confirmation

6.‘Yes’ to confirm.

  • Enter Login Credentials dialog box will appear

7.Select the Exchange or Office 365 user profile name and click OK

Screen to input Profile Name and Password
  • The software will export the mailboxes to Public Folder.

Process Complete dialog box