Stellar Repair for Video lets you save the repaired videos at your desired location. Your repaired movie file is saved either — at the source location or custom location, whichever you have chosen during the video repair process.

You can save the repaired movie file either on your computer drive or another external storage media such as a pen drive, SD card, USB flash drive, memory stick, etc.

Steps to Save the Repaired Video Files:

1. On the software screen that displays your repaired movie files, select the movie checkbox you want to save. Click on the Save Repaired Files button.


2. A dialog box appears giving two options – Save repair file at source location or Save file at custom location.


3. Select Save the repaired file at the source location, if you want the movie file to be saved at the source location OR select Save the file at a custom location if you want to save the file at your desired location.

4. Click Browse to select the destination for saving the video file.

5. Click Save

Once the video is saved, go to the chosen location to view your repaired movie file.