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I frequently download torrent files from the Internet. Am I compromising with my Mac security? What if I lost some important data from my system due to any virus threat?

Author : Creative Team Updated on November 1, 2017

Macs are pretty good in look and feel, advance applications, user interface and most importantly they are considered to be virus proof machines. Isn't this makes the Mac really smart? Mac users often considered themselves on the safer side as compared to those using PCs. This is the reason why many Mac users don't care to install or even talk about an anti-virus program. But one must not forget the twist of tale, the likelihood of a virus/malware intrusion on a Mac is low, however it is very much possible that a virus may enter the OS X and play foul with the system. That means, friends, even Macs are not 100% secure.    

The common reasons for Mac being more secure than other personal computer system are -

1- Macs OS X being built upon secure platforms like Unix.
2- Mac market is not as big as Windows, so obviously most virus targeted computers still remain the Windows.
3- Unlike PCs, Macs applications do not share a common registry file.

Recent threats, Malware Alert for Mac Users

Not much days have passed by since we heard about two nasty malwares which not only took away the breath of the Mac user but also became a threat to the data stored on the Macintosh hard drives. Tsunami and the DevilRobber, although experts didn't considered Tsunami as the much of the threat but DevilRobber was definitely a culprit. Basically a Trojan horse and as the name suggest, DevilRobber got the ability to rob the files stored on the Mac system and transfer them online to servers. Mac OS affected with the DevilRobber malware began to act sluggish. Another activity done by the same malware was to disguise itself as an image editing program named 'PixelMator'. Experts believe the main reason of spreading this malware was due to download of unsafe torrent files from the Internet.

Protection is always better than cure. Using a fine Mac anti-virus program is recommended to avoid any chaos caused by virus threats. Moreover, it is advised to avoid downloading suspicious files, software and links from the Internet. For Mac OS X Lion users, they can secure the system by following way -

Goto->System Preference>Security & Privacy->General (Tick the 'Automatically update safe downloads list)

This will automatically inspect the file which you choose to download from the Internet. The system downloads the file only when it finds it safe. Virus and the malwares are one of the major reasons of data loss and corruption. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software v8.0 performs easy recovery of files affected or corrupted due to malwares.


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