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Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac v9 - What's New?

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Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery - Professional Version 8.0 was indeed an advanced and comprehensive software to recover lost data from Mac computers safely. Keeping in mind the simplicity factor and the user’s perspective, we have a new renamed and revamped edition— Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac version 9.0 with inbuilt ‘Drive Monitor’ utility.

With enhanced features and an intuitive interface, the new version of the software is more powerful.

Below are some of the new striking features added to Stellar Data Recovery Professional v9.0 for macOS:

1) Full APFS Support: The software now natively supports recovery from APFS file system along with HFS, HFS+, NTFS, FAT32, and ex-FAT formatted drives volumes in macOS. Data recovery from unmounted APFS external storage drive and APFS partition recovery is now possible with the latest version.

2) Improved and enhanced UI: The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is now a bit more enhanced with subtle details. We kept the UI simpler and user-friendly that guides you through the recovery process. With its intuitive interface, the software is self-explanatory, and you don’t require any technical skills to use it.

3) Supports macOS Catalina 10.15: The new version supports macOS Catalina 10.15: and all the previous macOS versions up to 10.7.

4) Supports Multiple file systems: The new version facilitates data recovery from various storage media with the following file system: APFS, HFS+, HFS, FAT32/16, ex-FAT, and NTFS. It also facilitates RAW recovery.

5) Disk Image: When the drive is corrupt, fragmented, or contains a lot of bad sectors, you can either create an image of an entire volume or just a portion of your affected storage media volume or drive (both internal & external drives supported). Later, you can disconnect the damaged drive and perform data recovery on the disk image. This saves your storage media such as a hard disk from further damage and facilitates faster recovery. Use Disk Image for volumes and Clone Disk for creating a replica of the entire drive.

6) Supports Large Fragmented File Recovery: The software supports efficient data recovery of large fragmented files in the APFS & HFS+ file system

7) Encrypted Media Recovery: The Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac supports recovery from encrypted APFS and HFS+ formatted Mac volumes.

8) Save & Load Scan Feature: After the scan, you can save the information at your desired location and later using the menu; you can load the scan data and resume recovery process from where you left. This saves time and facilitates recovery in stages as per your convenience.

9) Deep Scan for better results: When the drive is severely corrupt, the software facilitates the option to switch to Deep Scan for better results automatically.

10) RAW Recovery: The ‘Deep Scan’ also facilitates RAW Recovery as it digs through each and every sector of the storage drive for the traces of lost or deleted data based on file signatures. RAW recovery helps you restore data from a severely corrupt hard drive and flash media.

11) Find Lost Partitions: When Mac volumes are not visible due to corruption or are accidentally deleted, the ‘Can’t Find Volume’ helps you to find the lost and deleted hard drive volumes and further facilitates data recovery from the found partitions.

12) Option to customize scan: You can customize your scan (Documents, Emails, Photos, Audio and Video files) and conveniently recover your data at your convenience.

13) New Extensions included: More formats have been added for a RAW scan. Moreover, the option of Complete Specific Extension Search List is also included in the latest version. 

14) Multi-Language Support: You can use the new version of Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac in your preferred language. The software now supports English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.

Drive Monitor is an innovative and advanced inbuilt disk-monitoring utility in Stellar Data Recovery Professional v9 that assists you in secure data recovery on macOS. The utility provides you with useful insights—about the affected and connected storage media—that you can use to determine the drive health status, reallocated sectors (i.e. bad sectors), and further facilitates you with an option to clone affected drive with a large number of bad sectors.

1) On-the-go Drive Monitoring: The built-in modern ‘Drive Monitor’ utility keeps you updated about the connected hard drive and flash drive health. It displays the current drive condition such as temperature, performance, and health status based on a number of factors such as reallocated sectors (bad blocks). It also displays the S.M.A.R.T. status of the drive with just one click.

2) Inspect Media Before Recovery: You can now scan your affected storage media before running recovery to ensure the drive is healthy enough and does not contain too many bad sectors. Bad sectors hinder the recovery process, lead to slower recovery, and sometimes software or system crashes. You can scan the disk for bad sectors and if necessary, clone or image the unhealthy drive volume using built-in options.

3) Clone Drive: With ‘Drive Monitor’ utility, you can now clone your hard drive or any other flash storage drive with the supported file system in just a few clicks. After creating a clone, you can run recovery directly on the replica instead of the original affected storage drive. The disk cloning feature facilitates faster recovery from drives with bad sectors and helps you safeguard your weakened or affected hard drive from further wear and tear that otherwise can result in drive failure.


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Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac software is a DIY tool to recover critical documents, emails, photos and videos from any storage media based on macOS Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, and older versions.

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