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What's new in Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Professional (8.0)?

November 2, 2017     6324 views     0     0

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Version 7.1 was indeed the best and the comprehensive software to safely recover lost data from Mac computers. Keeping in mind the simplicity factor and the user’s perspective, we have a new version of Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Professional i.e. version 8.0

With enhanced features and an intuitive interface, the new version of the software is more powerful. 

So, here are some new striking features added to Stellar Phoneix Mac Data Recovery:

  1. New and enhanced: Graphical User Interface (GUI) is simpler and more user-friendly. The software is self-explanatory and doesn’t require any technical know-how.
  2. Supports macOS High Sierra 10.13: The new version supports Mac OS High Sierra 10.13 and all the previous Mac OS version from 10.6 as well.
  3. Supports Multiple file systems: The new version facilitates multiple file system HFS+, FAT 32, ExFAT and NTFS along with RAW scan option.
  4. Supports Large Fragmented Data Recovery: The software supports efficient data recovery of large fragmented in HFS+ file system
  5. Deep Scan for better results: When the drive is severe corrupt, the software facilitates the option to automatically switch to Deep Scan for better results.
  6. Option to customize scan: User can customize their scan (Documents, Emails, Photos, Audio and Video files) and recover data in a convenient manner.
  7. New Extension included: More formats have been added for a RAW scan. Moreover, the option of Complete Specific Extension Search List is also included in the new version. 


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