A hard drive or SSD of any make or brand is divided into millions of sectors. These sectors (or blocks) on the drives are nothing but small spaces which stores our data. Bad sectors may arouse due to any physical damage received, e.g. the head of the drive making contact with the hard disk drive Platter causing shocks and vibrations. Once the drive develops some bad sectors, they (bad sectors) cannot be accessed due to damage received on the surface of the disk drive. A bad sector of a hard drive is of no use for storing any piece of data or information on it.

Why are bad sectors a nightmare?

  • Bad sectors affect the important data stored on the drive, can also corrupt macOS files.
  • If the system continuously reads these bad sectors, the risk of system crash increases
  • Bad sectors may decrease the life of the hard drive and ultimately make it become dead

How to Recover Data from a Drive that contains Bad Sectors?

If the MacOS hard drive or SSD contains some bad sectors then it is advisable to recover data as soon as possible because the percentage of recovering data from good sectors is much higher than those of partially bad sectors. By running Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac, a Mac user can easily recover data even though the drive contains bad sectors.

Watch the Software Tutorial Video & Rescue you Data from a Drive having Bad Sectors

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