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How to Import MBOX to Apple Mail

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Q. I am not tech-savvy. Can you provide me a detailed guide on how to import MBOX file to my Apple Mail account ?


This is one of the most common queries for our users. For, the convenience, here is the detail on how to import MBOX file to your Apple Mail account.

After you have converted the PST to MBOX with Stellar PST to MBOX Converter (Mac), follow the steps mentioned below to import MBOX to Apple Mail.

1. Open Apple Mail.
2. Go to ‘File Menu’
3. Select ‘Import Mailboxes’ from the list


4. The ‘Import data from’ window opens up
5. Select the last option – ‘Files in mbox format’


6. Click ‘Continue’
7. Then the Apple Mail asks for the location of the MBOX file to be imported (Here, select the MBOX file that you have just converted)
8. Finally click ‘Done’ to view the mail box

This is how you can import the converted MBOX file.


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When try to import a mbox files, mail app crash. the file output is small, I try with different files and don't works.

Mac Mail version 9.1


Adrian BErnal

Hi Adrian,

You can try the following method-
Create a new user account and set up your mail there (same email as on your normal account) and try to import .mbox, if mail app still crashes, there is something wrong with the actual Mail app. But If you don’t have the same issue there, go back and delete the "" and retry.

Path for deleting "" –


Please note that you sometimes, "” is hidden (Mountain Lion OS & Onwards). You need to follow the following process to find it - Open Finder, then in the Menu Bar, select Go, Hold down the alt Key the Library folder will appear click it, click Preferences, do your search from there.

Hope this will resolve the problem.


Amit Pandey

WHERE is the imported mbox file imported to?

I would like to mbox file imported into a subdirectory (that I define/create) of my LOCAL folder.

My mbox file is from a Gmail account and contains multiple folders ("labels" in Google). does Apple's import preserve the subfolders?

It would be great if you could complete your article with this info.


Peter Lairo



Dear Peter,

We have sent an email to you for further assistance related to ongoing situation.

Feel free to reach us


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