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How to Recover Deleted Mailbox with the Help of Stellar Repair for Exchange?

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Stellar Repair for Exchange software is primarily involved in recovery of Exchange database including the deleted mailbox content.

Follow the below mentioned steps to recover deleted mailboxes:

  • Download and Install Exchange Recovery software and Run the tool.
  • Open the tool and an easy to use Graphical user interface (GUI) is demonstrated on the screen.
  • Open Exchange Database or EDB file from where the deleted emails are to be recovered and click on Start button. 

Figure : Illustrates Open EDB File/Find EDB File option

  • Click on Quick Scan button followed by OK button and converter tool scans the EDB file to find the deleted mailbox information.

  • Once this scanning process is completed, it displays the preview of the file in three-pane structure, mentioned below:


              1. The Left Pane displays list of Mailbox including Deleted mailbox as available in a

                  particular offline EDB

              2. The middle pane shows the complete list of items of a particular folder

              3. Right Pane displays the contents of a particular email or other item

  • Verify converted file components of the deleted mailbox. Click on Deleted Items folder to verify its components.
  • A pop-up appears to select the type of format in which you want to convert the available file containing deleted mailboxes. Click on PST and select the destination path where the recovered EDB to PST file with deleted mailbox should be saved
  • Select a particular email or other deleted-mailbox item, in case there is no need to save the complete deleted mailbox. 

                       Figure: file formats in which deleted mailbox can be saved

  • A pop-up appears to show that PST is saved.


Figure: PST file of deleted mailbox saved at the preferred location

Stellar Repair for Exchange software has recovered the deleted mailbox successfully.

Note: Deleted mailboxes can be recovered within the specified retention-period where retention period is defined as time-period for which the mailbox exists in Exchange database after it is categorized as ‘deleted’. 


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