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How to Recover Deleted Mailbox with the Help of Stellar Repair for Exchange?

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Stellar Repair for Exchange software is primarily involved in recovery of Exchange database including the deleted mailbox content.

Follow the below mentioned steps to recover deleted mailboxes:

  • Download and Install Exchange Recovery software and Run the tool.
  • Open the tool and an easy to use Graphical user interface (GUI) is demonstrated on the screen.
  • Open Exchange Database or EDB file from where the deleted emails are to be recovered and click on Next button. 


  • Click on Quick Scan button followed by OK button and converter tool scans the EDB file to find the deleted mailbox information.

  • Once this scanning process is completed, it displays the preview of the file in three-pane structure, mentioned below:


              1. The Left Pane displays list of Mailbox including Deleted mailbox as available in a

                  particular offline EDB

              2. The middle pane shows the complete list of items of a particular folder

              3. Right Pane displays the contents of a particular email or other item

  • Verify converted file components of the deleted mailbox. Click on Deleted Items folder to verify its components.
  • A pop-up appears to select the type of format in which you want to convert the available file containing deleted mailboxes. Click on PST and Click Next.

  • Select the destination path where the recovered EDB to PST file with deleted mailbox should be saved & Click OK.


  • A pop-up appears to show that PST is saved.

Figure: PST file of deleted mailbox saved at the preferred location

Stellar Repair for Exchange software has recovered the deleted mailbox successfully.

Note: Deleted mailboxes can be recovered within the specified retention-period where retention period is defined as time-period for which the mailbox exists in Exchange database after it is categorized as ‘deleted’. 


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