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How to Register Stellar Repair for Access Software?

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To register Stellar Repair for Access software, follow these steps:

  • Download and install the Access repair software.
  • Go to the Tools menu and click on the Register option.

Register the software

  • After selection the Register option, a window will appear on the screen:

Registration options

  • If you purchased the software then choose ‘I have the registration key’ option otherwise choose ‘I don’t have the registration key’ option.

When you choose ‘I don’t have the registration key’ option

  • Click on the OK button to go online and purchase the software.
  • After confirmation of your order, you will get the registration key through Email.
  • Enter the registration key and click on the Register button.

Registration key

When you choose ‘I have the registration key’ option

You have two option to register the software:

  • Online Registration (When you have proper internet connection)
  • Offline Registration (When you do not have internet connection)

Online Registration

  • Select Online Registration option and press OK button.
  • Enter the registration key that you have received through Email and click on the Register button.


Online Registration

Offline Registration

  • Select Offline Registration option and click on the OK button.
  • A Register dialog box will appear on the screen.

Offline Registration

  • To get your license key, send the Registration ID at
  • Our tech support key will verify the registration id and purchasing details and send the license key to you.
  • After receiving the key, click on the Register button from the Tools menu. Select ‘I have registration key’ option.
  • Enter the key and click on the Register button.


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