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How to split a PST file after it is repaired with Stellar Repair for Outlook Technician? What are the various splitting options?

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Stellar Repair for Outlook Technician offers you to split the repaired Outlook PST file after it is repaired for the corruption or damage. Mentioned below is the detailed step how you can split the repaired PST file before saving it as a new PST.

After you have repaired the corrupt PST, the following software interface appears that prompts you to save it to any location of your choice. Here choose the third option to ‘Split and Save PST’ under Advance Options.

The software provides three options, such as ‘Mail IDs’, ‘Date’, and ‘Size’ based on which you can split the PST file.

Significance of Splitting the PST File

By splitting an over-sized PST file, you can break it in to multiple PST of smaller sizes and use them as individual PSTs later on. Each PST can be split on the basis of the said criteria. This again helps, if you are using an older MS Outlook version, such as Outlook 2002, 2003, 2007 etc, you do not have to worry about importing an over-sized PST file, which ultimately ends in unsuccessful import or corruption of the Outlook profile altogether.

To Split PST by Mail ID

Select the email IDs under Mail ID scroll box.
You can make use of the ‘Select All’ / ‘Unselect All’ button to choose the mail IDs based on which the software will split the PST file and create the resultant PSTs.
The selected IDs will be stored in the repaired PST file.

To Split PST by Date

Select ‘Split By Date Range’ checkbox and you will have two further options – ‘in the last’ or ‘between’.
By choosing ‘in the last’ radio button, you can split the PST file according to the months. All the mails until that particular month range will be split and created as a separate PST.
By selecting ‘between’ option, it splits the mails falling under the particular month range.  

To Split by Size

Select ‘By Size’ checkbox in the By Size section.
Select a size from the size drop down list.
The new PSTs will be saved as per the splitting criteria mentioned.

Note: The splitting size can be chosen to be either 1, 2, 5, 7 or 10 GB.


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