Stellar Converter for Audio Video File provides you complete control over the conversion by facilitating output file customization. You can change and file-tune the basic settings for output media file according to your needs. The list of settings that can be changed for the converted file are mentioned below:

I. For Audio To Audio Conversion

Bit Rate: It is a measure of the amount of data transmitted in a given interval of time. It is also used to determine the quality of an audio or video file. An audio file compressed at 192 kbps will be of much better quality than the same compressed at 128 kbps.

Sample Rate: When you represent an analog signal digitally, it is known as a sample. Samples are taken to develop audio sound for computers. The number of samples of a sound taken per second is called sample rate.

Audio Channel: A channel is a medium through which a data signal travels from source to destination. The signal may have different frequencies. As a stereo audio uses two channels, it is recorded via two different micro phones.

II. For Video To Video Conversion

Here, you have two output streams-'Audio' and 'Video'. You can change settings for both these streams. For audio stream of the output file, you have the same settings as those in audio to audio conversion. For the video stream, you can apply the following settings:

Video Size: The 'Video Size' is usually determined by the size of the output window for the output video file, i.e. its dimensions in terms of height and width.

Bit Rate: Bit Rate (measured in bits per second) is the rate at which data is delivered in a video. The higher the bit rate for a video, the better will be its clarity and detail.

FPS: FPS (Frames per second) is the frame change rate for the output video.

Aspect Ratio: The Aspect Ratio is the ratio of the width of a particular frame of the video to its height. It is expressed in "width x height".