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What is Sample File? How to get Them?

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A sample file is a working video or photo file created from the same device having the same file format as the corrupted video(s) or photo(s).

Watch this video to understand how sample file works:

The Advanced Repair feature of Stellar Repair for Video uses sample file information, such as format, encoding, bitrate, FPS, and resolution details to repair severely corrupt video files.

parameter of Sample File used by Stellar Repair for Video to repair corrupt videos

Likewise, Stellar Repair for Photo uses file type, resolution, ISO, and other details from the sample file to repair corrupt photo files.

parameter used by sample file to repair corrupt photo

How to get a Sample File?

  • Use the same device to shoot a new video or photo in the same format as the corrupted one.
  • Find a video or photo on the internet in the same format captured by the same device as the corrupted file.
  • Use a video or photo taken with the same device in the past.

For example, if you have corrupted MOV videos/ JPEG photos shot from Nikon Z 8 camera, to create a sample file, use the same camera to shoot a new video or picture in the same format as the corrupted one.


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