Stellar Phoenix MOV Repair

Product specs
Product Spec

Stellar Phoenix MOV Repair

Professional MOV Repair tool that repairs broken or damaged MOV files unplayable by QuickTime and other applications used to run the multimedia files. The tool fixes sound corruption, header corruption, duration corruption, and movement corruption in the MOV file.

  • Safely Repairs corrupt MOV files
  • Provides preview before as well as after repair
  • Simultaneous repair of multiple MOV files
  • Saves repaired MOV to a user-specified location


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File Size:7.40 MB

* Free Download provides preview of repaired MOV files with sizes less than or equal to 10 MB

Features QuickTime MOV Repair Software

The software quickly fixes MOV files keeping all data stored inside the multimedia file intact, including audio, video, effects, or text. Mentioned below are a few prominent features of the software:

Complete MOV Repair Complete MOV Repair

The software facilitates fast and easy MOV repair, fixing issues with every component of your QuickTime movie (including frame, sound, video, and pixel) and rebuilding the damaged multimedia file. You can also resolve MOV header corruption and video frame corruption.

Batch Repair of Multiple MOV FilesBatch Repair of Multiple MOV Files

The software is equipped to select, scan, and repair multiple MOV files in a single operation. With the option to perform batch repair, you can save repetitive attempts required to repair each MOV file separately and make the process more economical and less time-consuming.


Preview of MOV Files before Repair Preview of MOV Files before Repair

The software empowers you to preview your corrupt MOV files in the main interface prior to repair. With this feature, you can easily examine the type of corruption in your QuickTime movie and determine which component of the file is having issues.

Preview of MOV Files after RepairPreview of MOV Files after Repair

The software smoothly repairs MOV files and displays them for preview in the interface. You can check if the corruption has been fixed and the movie is running flawlessly. If the preview of a file does not appear, the file cannot be repaired by the software.


Simple and Interactive GUISimple and Interactive GUI

Besides having a non-destructive approach to fix MOV files, the software features a user-friendly and intuitive interface to allow users quickly evaluate and understand the tool. You can safely repair any severely corrupt MOV file just in a few clicks of your mouse.

Saving Repaired Files at User-specified LocationSaving Repaired Files at User-specified Location

The software gives you an option to select the desired MOV files for saving them at a convenient location of your choice. Once the process is completed, you will get the message 'Files Saved Successfully'. You can also view these files by clicking on the link provided in the message box

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* Free Download provides preview of repaired MOV files with sizes less than or equal to 10 MB.

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