• Stellar Phoenix Video Repair

Stellar Phoenix Video Repair

The most powerful tool to repair corrupt video files on Mac


Efficient video repair tool for corrupt or damaged MOV and other video files. The tool repair videos which are corrupted due to changes done in the format of the file, read/write error, compression issues, virus attack and various other reasons.

  • Repairs different format of video files like MP4, MOV, M4V, M4A and F4V
  • Repairs videos stored on hard drives, memory cards and other storage media
  • Provides preview of the repaired video files
  • Saves repaired video files to another destination
  • Supports OS X El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion and Lion
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Key Features

Stellar Phoenix Video Repair fixes all your Video files created in different format which are lost due to header corruption, memory card error, file transfer error, improper system shutdown. Some important features of the software are:

Complete Video Repair Software for Mac icon

Complete Video Repair Software for Mac

Stellar Phoenix Video Repair rebuilds and fixes corrupt videos including MOV file format supported by QuickTime. The tool resolve issues of frame, sound, header, movement, and duration corruption from various other video formats like MP4, M4V, M4A & F4V.

Repairs Multiple Video Files Simultaneously icon

Repairs Multiple Video Files Simultaneously

The software allows you to select different videos of same or different formats simultaneously. You can also repair all the added video files at once with a single mouse click. This saves a lot of time and avoids adding each file separately.

Allows Preview after Repair icon

Allows Preview after Repair

This tool provides the preview of repaired video files before saving them to a location. It uses the ‘Quick Look’ option to preview repaired files. This helps in ensuring that the issues related to videos have been resolved.

Saves Repaired Files at a Desired Location icon

Saves Repaired Files at a Desired Location

The software gives the flexibility of saving your repaired video files at a location of your choice. Once the video is repaired and saved, you get a confirmation message with the location path of the saved files.

Simple and Easy-to-Use Interface icon

Simple and Easy-to-Use Interface

The software has a self-explanatory and user-friendly interface. With an interactive approach, the software doesn't require any technical expertise for its operation. You can perform quick repair in just a few mouse clicks.

Supports Different Mac OS X Versions icon

Supports Different Mac OS X Versions

The software is compatible with various versions of OS X. This tool extended its support to the OS X 10.11 'El Capitan'. The other supported OS are Yosemite, 10.10, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion and 10.7 Lion.




The 'Demo' version repairs corrupt video files and shows preview of repaired files having size at most 10 MB. To preview the complete video file and save the repaired file to your system, you need to buy the 'Full' version of the software.


No, you cannot preview the MOV files before or after performing the repair, if your QuickTime application is corrupt.


Yes, you can move the repaired Video (MP4, M4A, M4V, F4V, MOV) files to any Windows system and play them.


The time taken by the overall repair process may vary depending on the number of files and the size of each file to be repaired.


Stellar Phoenix Video Repair tool is immensely helpful for photographers in repairing their corrupt personal & business video files. If somehow, your professional video recording got corrupted then you can always turn up to Video Repair software. Nonetheless, photographers can also show interest in Stellar Phoenix Video Repair Bundle, which is a combination of below 3 utilities on Mac.

Stellar Phoenix Video Repair

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair

This bundle aims to fulfill essential requirements of expert photographers.

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User Comments

Richard Adams


Here goes my little story for Stellar Phoenix Video Repair, which prevented an emotional outburst of mine. I ejected my SD card forcefully, which corrupted my MOV files. These were not just any .mov files but the videos of newborn son. I cursed myself for being so careless but more I was worried the videos. Mov’s were damaged to an extent where QuickTime couldn’t play it at all. I tried VLC, it failed too. Using web, I found some tips to repair the MOV but none of them could fix my damage. Luckily, came across Stellar Phoenix Video Repair software and tried the demo version which looked positive. I called them up and came to know if the software shows you the preview of repaired files then you are just a step behind saving it to your system. That was it, I registered this tool and got back my mov in perfect condition. They all play well.

Breanna Flom


Mind blowing results!! Amazing software for video repair

Isauro Conti


A brilliant piece of utility… Saved my hours of work… I would like to add you guys to my LinkedIn profile.

Joe K. George


I am a professional photographer providing video editing services to my clients. I always had this gap in my toolbox where I can put together a corrupt video file for my client. Stellar Phoenix Video Repair application filled that gap in my toolbox.

James C. Lee


I have been using Stellar Phoenix Video Repair from last 2 years, earlier I had great success with the MOV edition but later upgraded to the latest launch that included repair support for corrupt MP4, M4V, M4A. I found this tool immensely helpful to my profession. It had helped me repair over 40 corrupt videos of various file formats. Stellar Support for this particular software is of great help. Keep the good works guys.



Happy to have the Stellar Phoenix Video Repair on my Mac. Safely restored the file after it successfully fixed the corrupt header of a large MP4 movie. Kudos to Stellar.



Job perfectly done by StellarPhoenix Video Repair. I first tried the demo version of the tool which appeared to repair my damaged F4V videos from a USB. The full version saved the repaired files. This software is a real deal however I don’t get it as to why they removed the Snow Leopard support?

Zachary Mercado


This piece of software saved my bacon just before Christmas. I was shooting a home video but ended corrupting a video due to an abrupt transfer between my Mac and the DSLR. I felt miserable in front of my friends but one of them found this awesome utility. Though it was $69 software I didn’t found a reason for not registering it when it showed it could repair my videos. IMO, it is one of the best utilities for El Capitan that I tried in the recent past. And thanks for not spoiling my Christmas.

Lemuel Herrada


My friend suggested this software when my mov file got corrupted. I use this app and it worked for me very well.

Gary Silver


Quickly repaired small MP4 files that my 6 six year old took of himself and our family dog “Marshall” from his digital camera. Thanks for bringing smile to my kid.

Timothy Evans


Amazingly, Stellar Phoenix Video Repair utility has made things such simpler that a novice would understand it in a one go through. The interface is friendly, well documented and most striking point is its 3-step repair of any damaged video files. Hats of to the developer who thought of this utility to cure video file corruption.

Scott Orenstein


If videos used to have a First Aid box, then the Stellar Phoenix Video Repair is that box.

Frank Barr


The best part of this software is “You can save the repaired file if you can preview it”. Thanks for this transparency.

Jones Lay


This software saved me from the wrath of my girlfriend whose pageant video got damaged on her Windows system. I was trying to convert the MOV video file to MP4 with free online software. The MP4 output had issues and in a hassle we removed the original MOV file from the hard drive. I took the video file to my place and repaired it with the Stellar Phoenix Video Repair utility that did the trick and repaired the damages done by converting the video through an inappropriate tool. Hope you guys roll out a PC supported software.

Charlie Wilson


Stellar Phoenix Video repair saved my a** not once but twice. Earlier the MOV version helped me repair the sound issues that crippled over a half dozen of files. Later, a big MOV file corrupted when I restored it from a backup drive on my iMac. I updated my OS X hoping to repair it but all efforts in vain. I tried the MOV repair but it couldn’t complete the scan since the file was large. I came to know that the MOV repair was upgraded to support more video formats and could scan large files easily. This was true since the Video Repair version completed the scan, though it took time but finally repaired my MOV.


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