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How to Recover Permanently Deleted Photos from PC or Laptop

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    Summary: This blog will help you learn how to recover permanently deleted photos from your PC, computer, laptop, or any other storage drive with the help of photo recovery software.

    Case 1: ‘I made a huge mistake. In a hurry, I deleted the wrong photos from my PC and then emptied Recycle Bin. Is there any way I can recover permanently deleted photos from PC or Laptop?’

    Case 2: ‘My Windows 8 system files seem corrupt due to a virus. I can’t see some of my valuable photos in the drive. Also can’t find them in Recycle Bin. Are they permanently deleted? How can I recover my permanently deleted photos from PC or Laptop?’

    Recover Permanently deleted photos‘ imply when you delete images with the Shift + Delete key or remove them from Recycle Bin. Running system cleaner apps on your PC also result in the permanent deletion of photos.

    Other than these, viruses, formatting, corruption, sudden power failure, malware, bad sectors in the hard drive, etc., can all lead to permanent loss of stored image files.

    Unlike temporary deletion, in which photos go to Recycle Bin, from where you can quickly retrieve deleted photos, permanently deleted photos are difficult to recover.

    There are a few techniques, such as photo recovery from Windows file history or restoring the previous version of Windows, but attempting them is like a wild goose chase.

    Video tutorial: How to Recover Permanently Deleted Photos from PC or Laptop

    Yes…A sure shot way is to trust a professional photo recovery software. They are designed to recover lost or permanently deleted photos from your computer drive, regardless of the cause of photo loss.

    Tools like Stellar Photo Recovery can restore photos shot with any DSLR, Android, iPhone, webcam, CCTV, etc. that too with their original name, date, and time.

    Note: It’s important to immediately stop using your PC after the photos were lost, unless you’re going to perform a recovery process. This will prevent overwriting of data and maximise the chances of photo recovery from your computer.

    How to Recover Permanently Deleted Pictures or Recently Deleted Photos from your PC or Laptop: Step-by-Step Tutorial 

    • Step 1: Download and launch Stellar Photo Recovery on your Windows PC.
    Free Download Stellar Photo Recovery For Windows
    • Step 2: Select the location on your PC from where you lost photos. Click Scan.
    Stellar Photo Recovery
    • Step 3: Once the scan is completed, Preview your recoverable photos. If you don’t see the required images in the list, click the Deep Scan option at the bottom for a thorough search.
    Stellar Photo Recovery - Deep Scan
    • Step 4: Select the required photos, and click Recover.
    • Step 5: Click Browse and select a location on a different drive to save the recovered photos.
    Stellar Photo Recovery - Click Browse

    *The trial software scans the media and previews all the recoverable files. Once you can ascertain the effectiveness, you can save the recoverable files by activating the software. Please don’t save the recovered photos in the same drive from which they were deleted or lost.

    Key Benefits:

    • The software restores RAW file formats of popular DSLRs like Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc.
    • Get back photos with the original name, date, and timestamp
    • The photo recovery software is quick to restore hundreds of pictures of any format
    • Restore images without losing their original quality
    • With the Mac version of Stellar Data Recovery software, you can recover deleted photos on iPhone iPad, and Mac.

    Other Methods to Recover Permanently Deleted Photos or Pictures

    Although these methods to recover permanently deleted photos don’t promise permanently deleted photos recovery, there’s no harm in trying them. Who knows, they may work in your case!

    You can use Windows data backup utilities like ‘Windows Backup and Restore’ (in Windows 7), ‘Restore Previous versions’Recover from Google Photos, and Recover using the command prompt to get back lost photos.

    These features are helpful when you manually set them up on your PC before the photos are lost or permanently deleted.

    1. Recover Permanently Deleted Photos with ‘Backup and Restore’ in Windows 7

    • Go to Control Panel.
    • Click to follow System and Security > Backup and Restore.
    • Click Restore my files to recover all deleted photos.

    2. Restore deleted photos with ‘Previous Versions’

    Windows has a ‘Restore from Previous Versions’ feature that includes copies of files automatically created by the PC backup. These files are also called shadow files. Previous versions include files saved on a backup (if you are using Windows Backup) and restore points that can come in handy for you to recover deleted pictures.

    • Right-click on the folder where the deleted pictures we stored.
    Windows Folder Restore ‘Previous Versions’
    • Select Restore previous versions.
    • In the dialog box, choose the date when your photos were last present in the folder.
    Windows Properties - Previous Versions
    • Click ‘Restore‘ Note: Before restoring a previous version folder, select the previous version, and click Open to view it and ensure it’s the version that contains your deleted photos.

    3. Recover Deleted Photos from Google Photos

    • Go to
    • Select the deleted photo for recovery.
    • Select save to the device.
    • Photos will be saved on your PC

    4. Recover Photos from Trash in Google Photos

    1. On your computer, open in your browser.
    2. Click on the Menu on the top left corner.
    3. Select Trash.
    4. Select the pictures you want to recover. Place your cursor over the photo, and click on the Done icon.
    5. Click the Restore icon on the top right to recover permanently or accidentally deleted photos.

    The photos will be restored to your Google Photos library and added to their respective albums. Read more on How to Recover Deleted Photos from Google Photos.

    How to Prevent Permanently Deleted Photos from PC or Laptop

    • Check your online account – Your photos are uploaded to the online Google Photos account. But if you are unable to get it through the desktop Google photos app, you can always check in your account to restore accidentally deleted photos.
    • Review Picasa web –Photos in Picasa, as almost all older versions of PCs have an inbuilt Picasa app. If your Picasa was in sync with your system, there is a great chance that you can get your deleted photos from
    Tips on Permanently Deleted Pictures Recovery Are you in quest of tips on how to recover permanently deleted photos? Here are some efficient and easy-to-follow tips you can use to prevent any data loss scenario.

    1) Take Regular Backup of Photos

    You understand that data loss events can unpredictable, particularly with an external storage device. Therefore, we recommend you take regular backup of your important images on external storage media so that you can recover deleted photos whenever you run into a data loss scenario.

    • To back up your important files, connect your external hard drive, phone, or SD card to the PC or Laptop and simply copy-paste your important files to the external drive.
    • While taking back up or restoring lost data, don’t add or delete files from the location where the photos are stored or where you are saving the recovered photos on your PC. Once the delete photo recovery or backup is completed, you can make use of the photo storage folder.

    2) Save Photos in a Safe Location

    • When recovering deleted photos, it is recommended not to save the recovered pictures at the location where they were saved before you lost or accidentally deleted them.
    • It is suggested that while downloading the Stellar Photo Recovery tool, ensure that you’re downloading it to a safe destination on your PC or Laptop. Never choose a location that is vulnerable and prone to a data loss situation.
    • However, if you ever lose or accidentally delete your photos, you can count on the Stellar Photo Recovery tool to recover deleted photos and claim your lost memories. Fortunately, the helps you restore deleted files and lost photos of all file formats.

    Wrapping up: How to Restore Deleted Photos from your PC or Laptop

    The DIY Stellar Photo Recovery is not just effective in tough situations but is also an efficient tool to recover permanently deleted files in no time.

    The professional photo recovery tool can recover permanently deleted photos from any Windows desktop, laptop, or storage drive.

    To add on, usually, we don’t realize the importance of backup until the moment we get into a data loss situation that may make recovering photos a bit tricky.

    Windows has its own data backup utilities, such as ‘Backup and Restore’ and ‘Restore from Previous versions’ that can help restore deleted images but we tend to ignore them. 

    If the feature is turned ON on your PC, these could serve as efficient ways to recover permanently deleted photos.

    Free Download Stellar Photo Recovery For Windows

    Hope you enjoyed reading this blog? Let us know yours thoughts on how to recover permanently deleted photos from your PC or Laptop in the comments.

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    Sumona is a tech blogger, avid photographer, & technogeek with vast experience in writing about media file recovery tips and tutorials. She has over 10 years of experience in media file recovery/media file repair technology. She is passionate about Photography, Creative Designing, Music, and Exploring lesser-known destinations.


    1. I lost a camera with an SD card with 2 years of precious memories. If I had inserted this card into my computer in the past, so that the images showed, but I did not save those images, would your software be able to recover those images?

      1. Hi Sam,
        Photo Recovery software can only recover the photos when the drive has stored the photos once. But, if you haven’t saved them to your computer it’s not possible to recover them without an SD card. By chance, if you had transferred the photos to your computer, then the software might be able to recover those images. But, you will require the SD card to recover the photos from that.

      1. When you press Shift + Delete keys simultaneously then it can lead to the permanent file deletion. However, if you normally remove the file or folder by pressing the Delete option then it simply moves to the recycle bin. But, if you empty your recycle bin then it can also lead to permanent deletion. In both situations, you will have to go for Stellar Photo Recovery software.

    2. Hii
      My PC has been infected with a virus and this destroyed the Windows and also erased everything I have, I want a solution to recover all the pictures that were deleted because I work as a photographer and this is my field of work and now I see that it collapses

      1. Hi Mahmoud, I would suggest you can scan your PC with authorized antivirus software then restore your PC under privacy settings. In case, you can’t recover your pictures you can try our sofrware demo version and see the preview of recovered pictures. Thanks!

    3. Hi, I accidentally deleted the photos on my memory card on the camera. I only want to delete one photo and instead, I deleted all the photos. Then I stopped taking photos. Anyways to restore photos from the SD card? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

      1. Hi Aceema, Yes, The easy way you can try our software demo version and see the preview of deleted or lost photos. Thanks!

    4. I had an issue with my Windows 10 PC, I delete a couple of image files from the drive. Due to editing images, all files corrupt. I delete all the corrupt files without taking a backup of the original image files. Also, I delete these files from the recycle bin. How to get back these corrupt files to restore original image files? Any help would be appreciated.

      1. Hi Katie, Windows 10 has a recovery app just type on the search bar and uses windows advanced recovery tools in the control panel. If you still had an issue, you can try our software professional version to restore and repair corrupt image files.

    5. Hi Sumona, I had deleted couple of photos from iPhone on Windows 10 PC and I didn’t saved backup from iCloud or anywhere else. I tried some web and YouTube searches but not convinced. Any advice would be helpful for me.

      1. Hi Peter, I know you already said no iCloud backup, but did you login to iCloud and check your recent deleted photos? Anyway, another way I would suggest you can try our software demo version and see the preview of your deleted or lost photos. Thanks!

    6. I had accidentally deleted some photo files from my Lexar memory card on my PC and I reuse the card took more photos. Is there any chance to retrieve those deleted photos?

      1. Hi Salvatore, We would like to inform you that our software works on “what you see is what you can recover”. That means the files will be recovered in the same manner as you were able to see them in the preview window after the scanning is complete. Thanks!

    7. I had 1000 Photos on my Canon camera SD card and accidently deleted all of them due to last night I formatted the SD card through my PC. I really get them back. Is it possible? Any suggestion would be appreciated.

      1. Hi Cara, I would like to suggest, you can try our software demo version and see the preview of recovered files.

    8. I had the same issue couple of days ago, when I deleted files from recycle bin and some important files want to restore but I didn’t know it is possible. Thanks for your software help me to get back my file!

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