Your iPhone is not only a medium to connect but also serves as a personal repository for your priceless photos, videos, and music. However, in case your iPhone crashes or you lose files due to accidental deletion, your data stands at risk and may be lost forever. But with Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone, your data is here to stay. This professional solution helps to retrieve your lost or accidentally deleted photos, audio, as well as video files from Camera Roll, Photo Stream, and App Library. It also offers a complete recovery of your iPhone data such as Contacts, Messages along with attachments, Notes, Call History, Calendars, Safari Bookmarks, iTunes, and iCloud backup files. 

An iPhone stands apart for its high image quality, among its other notable features. With several iPhone releases over the years, its camera specifications have improved indescribably, and this has increased the percentage of buyers to a considerable extent. Though it cannot be likened to a professional DSLR, yet it stands superior in its category. 

How to recover your deleted iPhone Photos?

If your collection of photos, audios, and video files gets accidentally deleted or lost due to iOS crash, the question that comes to mind is whether they can be recovered. If you have created a backup already, then all you need to do is to restore data from the most recent backup. However, if you have not created a backup either on iTunes or iCloud, then the situation needs attention.

Your photos and other multimedia files are important to you. Therefore, it is important to look for an efficient and reliable recovery tool. Here, Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone serves as a perfect solution with its straight forward and user-centric interface. This tool accommodates all the major specifications of different iPhone versions.

The Process: Let's look at how Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone recovers your lost or accidentally deleted photos from your iPhone:

Step 1) Download, Install, and Launch Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone on your system

Step 2) Next, select Recover from iPhone option from the three alternates provided on the home screen. Select what you want to recover and click “Next”.

Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone - select Recover from iPhone option

Step 3) Now connect the iPhone device to your system for initiating further recovery process. Alternatively, the device can be connected before you launch the tool

Step 4) The iPhone photo recovery tool will start scanning the connected device. A message will then pop up on the screen which reads: “Please wait! Scanning your iPhone.” It will appear along with the live progress generator.

Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone - Scanning iPhone


Note: Here, you can select to stop the scan process in between by selecting the Stop button

Step 5) Once the scanning is completed, the tool will enlist all the files and folders existing within the iPhone device.

Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone - Select Camera Roll

Step 6) From the left panel, you can select Photos & Videos category from the tree structure. It will then expand associated options that include Camera Roll, Photo Stream, and Apps Library

Step 7) Select Camera Roll and Photo Stream and the tool will display all the items from these two folders in the middle pane

Step 8) Now from the middle pane, you can either select a single file for recovery, or you can select multiple items by checking the associated boxes

Step 9) Once you select all the items that you need to recover from Camera Roll and Photo Stream, click on Save button

Step 10) The Save Files window will appear. Click on Browse and provide the location for storing the recovered data on the hard drive. Else use, the default location provided by the software which is Desktop << iPhone Default Name

Step 11) Click OK to proceed saving the recovered files.

Step 12) Exit from the tool and go to the selected location to access the Camera Roll and Photo Stream recovered pictures.

Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone also restores data from the following:

  • If you are looking to recover data from your iPhone backup such as iTunes backup or iCloud backup, then you need to select Recover from iTunes backup or Recover from iCloud backup options. The tool also allows importing files from Windows and Mac machines to iPhones. 
  • After the scan is completed, the tool will display all integrated components of deleted iTunes backup or iCloud backup files within its panel from where it can be selected as per priority and preferences. The powerful algorithms are fully advanced to recover every single bit of data.
  • The tool also recovers encrypted iOS iTunes backup files and restores it back to the device. You can also recover lost or deleted data from iPad using the iPhone Data Recovery tool. Backup files of small, medium and large scale are handled effectively by the tool. 
  • The tool also recovers bookmarks deleted accidentally from your iPhone default browser Safari. Since bookmarks hold information about useful links and websites, this feature can be very helpful for technically savvy users.