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How to Save Scan Info of EDB File and Recover Mailboxes?

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Stellar Repair for Exchange is a professional software to recover mail items from corrupt EDB files. The software uses an advanced approach to get back lost mail items like emails, contacts, calendars, notes, and more. The other important feature offered by the software is to save the scanned information for future recovery.

With Mailbox Exchange Recovery software, you can save the scanned result at any desired location and use it for future recovery. The software uses an image file format to save the scanned information. However, you can load back the saved image file back to complete the recovery process at anytime. Once loaded back, you can preview the mail items and save them in any desired format supported by the software.

In order to save scan information of EDB file and load them back to recover mailboxes, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Launch the software ‘Stellar Repair for Exchange ’ software. 
  • Click ‘Open EDB’ from the ‘Select EDB’ dialog box if you know the location of the EDB file.
  • Click ‘Find EDB’ if you want to search for an EDB file from your system. This option is helpful in case you do not remember the location of the EDB file. This would pop up the ‘Find EDB File’ dialog box.
  • In the ‘Find Options’ section, you can specify the drive and the file type you want to search. You can also include the subfolders within the selected drive to search for EDB files. To search for EDB files, click ‘Start’ button. This would display a list of EDB files present in the selected drive. From the list of searched EDB files, choose the EDB file you want to recover and click ‘OK’.
  • The software then allows you to select a scan mode from the ‘Select Scan Mode’ dialog box. Choose Quick Scan or Extensive Scan as shown below.
  • In order to quickly recover corrupt EDB file, select ‘Quick Scan’ and click ‘OK’. Else, in order to get a better result, select ‘Extensive Scan’ and click ‘OK’.
  • The software displays a list of recovered mails in the left side of the interface after the scanning is over.
  • The scanned result can be saved and loaded back later. From the ‘File Menu’, click ‘Save Scan Info’.


  • Choose the destination to save the scan information by clicking ‘Browse’ and then click ‘OK’. This would save the scan information in an image format.
  • In order to load back the scan information, select ‘Load Scan Info’ from the ‘File Menu’.
  • Click ‘Browse’ to navigate to the location where the image file is saved and click ‘OK’ as shown below.
  • You can now save the scanned/recovered file in various formats supported by the software. From the ‘File Menu’ click ‘Save’. Choose a desired format and destination to save the file. Click ‘Ok’ as shown below.


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