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Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery - Professional

Recover lost, deleted or formatted Windows Partitions

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Partition recovery software for Windows to recover lost, deleted or inaccessible hard drive partitions. This tool will save you from losing data due to accidental deletion or formatting.

  • Recovers mission-critical files from Windows hard drive and supported external media
  • 'Raw Recovery' feature to flawlessly recover files from severely corrupt media
  • Recovers deleted emails in MS Outlook and Outlook Express
  • Recovers files from damaged or corrupt optical media
  • Supports partition recovery from Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
  • Support for broad range of files types, including documents, photos & multimedia files

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*Download the free trial version to scan & preview your lost files and folders.

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This software is a complete package of advanced recovery options and easy-to-use user interface. Let us walk through some salient features of this tool:

Drive Recovery icon

Drive Recovery

The software is designed to work on Windows platform to smoothly recover your seemingly lost files, pictures, documents, and more. With this tool on hand, you can deal with all aspects of data loss, including accidental media formatting, disk corruption, and unintentional deletion of files. The software is your ultimate partition recovery solution when the file system on your Windows drive suffers from some kind of corruption and you need to get back your lost documents. The tool supports recovery from FAT, NTFS, and ExFAT drives and volumes.

Lost Partition Recovery icon

Recover Lost Partitions

The tool works just fine to recover lost partitions that are completely blinked out of existence because of an incorrect partitioning operation or due to accidental partition deletion, missing partition, or crashed partition etc. Software allows searching of these volumes on the hard drive and quickly regaining access to your valuable data. Once you find the missing volumes, you can initiate partition recovery using any of your preferred scan option under 'Drive Recovery'. If the software does not find missing volumes, you can perform 'Raw Recovery' to randomly scan the physical disk for lost data.

Raw Recovery icon

Raw Recovery

The software keeps you on a safe side by helping you recover lost partitions even when your initial attempt fails. 'Raw Recovery' is an advanced feature that searches data in drives based on file signatures and lets you conveniently perform recovery from any severely corrupt storage media. You can also edit the header of a predefined file type and add new or unknown file headers to the existing list of files to enhance the support of the tool for recovering user-defined file formats.

Recover Photos and Multimedia Content icon

Recover Photos and Multimedia Content

The software performs error-free scanning of your hard drive to recover photos, videos, movies, and other multimedia files. With support for broad range of image, audio, and video file types, the tool works for all situations of photo loss on digital cameras, laptop/desktop hard drives, memory cards, and external media devices.

Optical Media Recovery icon

Optical Media Recovery

This simple-to-follow utility is your best bet to recover data from damaged CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD and DVD-RW discs. This partition recovery software can restore data from damaged tracks and sectors without fiddling with the data integrity or causing further damage to the media. The utility supports recovery from all types of discs (CDs, DVDs, HD DVDs, Blu-ray) burnt on Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Mac systems. A requisite for performing optical media recovery is that the disc should be recognized by your Windows system.

Recover Lost or Deleted Emails icon

Recover Lost or Deleted Emails

The tool benefits email users by helping them undelete messages and other related information in MS Outlook and Outlook Express. With this tool, you can scan your entire Outlook Express or MS Outlook data files to recover lost emails without tinkering with their formatting or any other property. You can restore individual messages, mail folders, or entire data to a new PST or DBX file. For ease of use, the software supports saving messages as EML and MSG files.

Pre-Recovery Preview of Files icon

Pre-Recovery Preview of Files

The software classifies files after scanning in Classic tree, File Type tree, and Filtered tree. You can use these options to generate a desired index of scanned files, and then select a file in this list to display its preview in the main interface.

Compress Files before Recovery icon

Compress Files before Recovery

This partition recovery software allows you to compress recovered files in order to save plenty of disk space. Compression may be applied to a single file or the entire data can be saved to a single compressed 'zip' folder at any location of your choice in the system.

Advance Tools


SMART icon


This software is equipped with hard drive monitoring capabilities. You can check the SMART attributes of your hard drive by navigating to the Drive Status section of the software. You can get general information about the hard drive, status of individual volumes, and SMART features.

System Startup Disc icon

System Startup Disc

The software helps you salvage your precious data even when the system fails to boot, using Bootable disc. In the event of damage to the Master Boot Record, your system fails to recognize the boot partition and becomes inaccessible. In such times of crisis, you can regain access to your crashed system using this Bootable disc and run the software to recover important data, including files, documents, pictures, presentations, and more.

Image Your Hard Disk icon

Image Your Hard Disk

The software provides imaging option for securing your valuable data on Windows. You can extract an image of your hard drive or a selected region and save the image to a destination of your choice. You can use this feature to back up your hard drive content and secure yourself against all types of data loss.

Hard Drive Cloning icon

Hard Drive Cloning

With this competent tool, it is easy to create a working copy of your system by cloning your boot drive to an external drive. The hard drive clone can be swapped with your primary drive in case you face an event of hard drive crash or failure.


* Download the free trial version to scan & preview your lost files and folders.


The Highest Standards. The Happiest Customers.

The software did the trick. I was a bit worried at first because I didn't know how reputable it was, and couldn't find reviews (which have to be gauged for authenticity) but I decided your site looked as reliable as it could, took a chance, and am very happy with the result.
My computer runs faster and a great deal of memory was freed up with no adverse consequences.

J. Abraham
San Diego County, California

Amazing! I was able to select precisely and easily the types of files that I wanted to recover and I had them available to me within an hour! Thank goodness I had kept the hard drive safely like an heirloom. Thank you Stellar Phoenix! Perfect as it is!




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  • What is Partition Recovery and In which condition I need it?

    A partition is simply a part of the primary hard drive with defined capacity of storage and used to store or organize files and folders. Every partition is labeled with particular letter i.e. C, D, E etc. and have predefined file system associated with it such as FAT or NTFS. During reinstallation or over the course of uses, the hard drive partition might get lost, accidentally deleted or become damaged and cannot be simply accessed.

    Partition recovery helps you discover any or all the lost hard drive partitions and undelete files stored on that partition. Additionally, you can use it to retrieve images, videos, documents, emails, database, backup or any other type of files that has been deleted or formatted somehow.

    Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery - Professional can recover FAT or NTFS volumes and dig deeply to recover even the lost hard drive volumes or partition that no longer exist on your system due to system reformatting.

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  • I've formatted hard drive Partitions in order to remove all the viruses and other malware. How can I recover lost files from this formatted partition using the software?

    Using this tool, you can easily recover all your valuable files from the formatted volume intact.

    Run this software and click 'Drive Recovery' button under' Data Recovery' tab.

    To recover formatted partition, select the volume from the 'Select Volume to Recover Data' section. Choose preferred recovery method, i.e. 'Quick Recovery' or 'Advanced Recovery'.

    Scanning process will begin automatically as soon as you choose any of recovery options.

    After completion of the scan, you will see all the recoverable folders listed in the left pane.

    Select the folders you need to recover or choose specific files for recovery.

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  • How does 'Quick Recovery' differ from 'Advanced Recovery’?

    'Quick Recovery' performs a quick scanning of your selected drive or volume. This mode of scan is used in almost all cases of data loss, deletion on a Windows based drive. On the contrary, 'Advanced Recovery’ thoroughly scans your entire drive to perform a precise recovery of all recoverable data. This option proves to be worthwhile when the results obtained by 'Quick Recovery' are average or unsatisfactory.

  • Does Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery support exFAT & NTFS partitions?

    Yes, you can safely recover data from any exFAT and NTFS based volumes or drives using Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery Software. The software also supports FAT, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS5 partitions.

  • How can I perform recovery of only selected file types using this software?

    The software performs a signature-based search where you can select specific file types for recovery.

    Click 'Settings' on the tool bar and select the 'Add File Types' tab.

    On the 'File List' screen, choose the desired file types that you need to recover.

    You can also add more file types for recovery in the 'File List' screen.

  • I have accidentally deleted an important Windows 7 Partition. Can I recover and restore data from this volume using the software?

    Yes, you can recover deleted partition from any recent version of Windows OS using 'Click Here to Search Lost Volumes' feature of this software. Select the hard disk from the list and the scan type (Quick or Deep) from the Flying Pane. This option scans the hard drive to search for all the lost or deleted volumes. All the volumes found by the software get listed in the interface. You can select the deleted volume and follow the instructions as mention in the software interface itself to recover files from deleted partition.

  • What are the different file types that are supported by the software?

    This tool supports 185 different file types for recovery. You can easily recover any of the below mentioned categories of file types using the software:

    Audio Video Files
    Image Files
    Database Files
    MDF, DBF, CSV etc.
    Internet files
    Office Documents
    Archive Files
    ARJ, LZH, ALZ, TAR, ZIP, RAR, CAB etc.
    Miscellaneous Files
    Backup Files
    Acrobat Files
  • Can I recover deleted files within a specific time range using this software?

    Yes, Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery Professional supports deleted file recovery within a specific interval of time. To do so, follow the given procedure:

    Run Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery and click 'Drive Recovery'.

    Select the desired logical volume under 'Select Volume to Recover Data' section and choose subsequent recovery option i.e., Quick Recovery, Deleted recovery, Advanced Recovery etc.

    After completion of the scan, navigate to the left pane and click the 'Filtered Tree' tab.

    Click the '+' sign (Advance Filter Option) to the left of the textbox. This opens a dialog box.

    In the displayed dialog, specify the file types for recovery in the'Files of Type' textbox. Select 'Deleted File' checkbox to recover only the deleted files from the drive.

    Click 'Date' checkbox and specify the desired time range within which you want to recover deleted files. Optionally, you can specify a size range for the deleted files using the 'Size from (KB)' option. Click 'OK'.

    The tree displayed after specifying these options will contain only the deleted files within the specified time range.

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