Ravi Singh

Senior Writer at Stellar®. He is an expert Tech Explainer.
Experience & Education

Ravi Singh is a Senior Writer at Stellar®. He is an expert Tech Explainer, IoT enthusiast, and a passionate nerd with over 5 years' experience in technical writing. He writes about Data Recovery, File Repair, Email Migration, Linux, Windows, Mac, and DIY Tech.

Ravi has a Master’s degree in Computer Applications and certification in Hadoop Big Data Development. During college days, he gained expertise in programming and has worked on a few projects.

Besides writing, he has hands-on experience in IoT programming & development, video editing, WordPress web development, and Linux server administration. He also worked on cross-platform apps and uses Windows, Mac, and Linux machines to solve technical problems. Check out his GitHub profile.

He is a Raspberry Pi fan and an open-source lover. Ravi spends most of his weekends working with IoT devices and playing games on the Xbox. He is also a solo traveler who loves hiking and exploring new trails.

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[Fixed] The Workbook Cannot Be Opened or Repaired By Microsoft Excel

  Ravi Singh   February 24, 2021   File Repair     Repair Office Documents

An MS Excel workbook (.XLS/.XLSX) file may not open due to damage or corruption caused by various reasons, such as:Sudden power failureSystem crashVirus or malware intrusionLarge or oversized Excel fi...

Exchange Server 2013/2016 Disaster Recovery – A Step-by-Step Guide

  Ravi Singh   February 23, 2021   Email Repair     Exchange Database Issues

A major part of having a setup of Exchange Server is to protect your setup from a complete disaster and ensure business continuity, without any data loss. If the server’s hardware is faulty or there i...

How to Restore Excel File?

  Ravi Singh   February 01, 2021   File Repair     Repair Office Documents

Excel (XLS/XLSX) file corruption is a common issue that may arise due to problems, such as abrupt system shutdown, system crash, malware or virus intrusion, unsupported add-in, etc. However, MS Excel...

How to fix 'QuickBooks was unable to verify the integrity of your QuickBooks data'

  Ravi Singh   February 01, 2021   File Repair     Repair QuickBooks Files

QuickBooks is a popular accounting software among small and medium organizations that helps manage and track business revenue and expenditure. The software stores all the data and financial records in...

How to fix 'The database can't be repaired or isn't a Microsoft Access database file' error?

  Ravi Singh   January 28, 2021   File Repair     Repair Office Documents

Access database corruption is a common scenario. An MDB or ACCDB file may get damaged or corrupt due to interruption caused by network issues, hardware or software failure, incompatible third-party pl...

How to Clear Exchange Logs files

  Ravi Singh   January 27, 2021   Email Repair     Repair Exchange Database

Maintenance of Exchange server is important for many reasons. One of the reasons is the preservation of resources as you would not need all that storage and thus it is better to minimize the resources...

10 Common Outlook Issues

  Ravi Singh   January 06, 2021   Email Repair     Repair PST Files

Although Microsoft Outlook is a popular business email client app, it’s not perfect. There are several common Outlook issues that users often experience while using it. These Outlook issues may not on...

How to Repair Logical and Physical Exchange Database Corruption?

  Ravi Singh   December 22, 2020   Email Repair     Repair Exchange Database

Exchange database (EDB) files are mailbox database files where mailboxes are created that stores user information and data, such as emails, contacts, attachments, notes, calendar, etc. An Exchange adm...

Exchange Database Availability Group – Step-by-Step Guide

  Ravi Singh   December 18, 2020   Email Repair     Repair Exchange Database

Setting up an Exchange Database Availability Group (DAG) is not an easy task. However, having a fault tolerant Exchange Server setup is the only way to keep your mind at rest. If you have a standalone...

How to Check Exchange Database Health?

  Ravi Singh   November 20, 2020   Email Repair     Repair Exchange Database

Microsoft Exchange Server requires maintenance and periodic testing to make sure that it remains healthy and up-to-date. In this post, we will be discussing ways on how to check and keep the Exchange...

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