Repair Broken Video Files Captured from DJI Phantom Drone

Summary: Don’t know how to deal with corrupt DJI Phantom videos? It doesn’t matter how your DJI Phantom videos got corrupt; good news is, you can repair broken video files them using a professional video repair software .

Repair Broken Video Files Captured from DJI Phantom Drone Repair Broken Video Files Captured from DJI Phantom Drone

Hovering DJI drone capturing magical aerial shots is no less than a treat to watch. But the experience gets upsetting if you can’t play the stunning videos shot with your favorite DJI Phantom. The videos have turned corrupt! No worries. This post shares various methods how you can repair corrupt/broken video files that captured from DJI Phantom drone.

Why your DJI Phantom videos turned corrupt

There could be any reason behind DJI Phantom drone video corruption, as below:

  • Accidentally turned off drone’s camera while it was recording/ saving the video
  • Interruption during transfer of video files from drone’s memory card
  • Sudden power loss while watching the recorded video on DJI or computer
  • Recording videos at low drone camera battery
  • Saving videos in slow SD cards of below Class 10
  • DJI crashed due to loss of control by operator
  • Exposure of drones to extreme temperatures (the operating temperature range of DJI Phantom drones is usually 32°F to 104°F)
  • Others

It is often difficult to bounce back from such situations as most of time the damage is already done to your drone’s video file. But the good part is you can always fix the corruption in videos with the help of a DJI Phantom video files repair software.

How to Repair Corrupt Video from DJI Phantom Drone

  1. Use ‘djifix’ software to repair DJI video file
  2. Use VLC Media Player
  3. Repair DJI videos with Stellar Repair for Video

1. Use ‘djifix’ software to repair DJI video file

‘Djifix’ is an open-source command-line application that repairs corrupt videos shot with DJI Phantom, Mavic, Inspire and Spark drones. But the program has its limitations.

It works only on the original file that comes from your DJI SD card.

Djifix is available for only 32-bit Windows computers and macOS X.

Steps to repair corrupt DJI video files on macOS X (64-bit) computer

  • Download the file ‘djifix’ from
  • Move the downloaded file to ‘Movies’ folder. Note: If you receive the downloaded file named ‘djifix.dms’, rename it to ‘djifix’ (with no filename extension)
  • Move the corrupt DJI video file also into your ‘Movies’ folder.
  • Run the ‘Terminal’ application under ‘Utilities’ folder
  • In Terminal window, type in separate lines and Enter.

cd Movies

chmod +x djifix

./djifix name-of-video-file-to-repair-including-any-.MP4-or-.MOV-filename suffix

Steps to repair corrupt DJI video files on Windows (32-bit) PC

  • Download the file ‘djifix.exe’ from
  • Move the ‘djifix.exe’ file to same folder where your corrupt DJI file is saved.
  • Run the Windows ‘CMD’ application.
  • In the command shell, type:

djifix name-of-video-file-to-repair-including-any-.MP4-or-.MOV-filename-suffix

2. Fix DJI video file with VLC Media Player

You may try another free open-source VLC Media Player to repair corrupt MP4 or MOV video files from drone.

Steps to fix corrupt MTS file in VLC Media Player

  • Make a copy of the original corrupt DJI video file
  • Rename the MOV/ MP4 video file to AVI
  • Open the VLC Media Player
  • Select to follow VLC > Preferences

fix corrupt MTS file in VLC Media Player

  • Go to Input & Codecs > Damaged or incomplete AVI file.

Input & Codecs srcset= Damaged or incomplete AVI file” width=”480″ height=”404″>

  • Select Always fix in the dropdown.
  • Click Save.

3. Restore with Stellar Repair for Video

In case none of the above methods work, opt for a professional video repair software.

Several video repair tools are available. Pick one that supports video file types of your drone.

DJI Phantom records videos in MP4/ MOV (AVC/H.264; HEVC/H.265) format. Stellar Repair for Video works on such high quality full HD 4K videos recorded with any DJI drone.

Unlike ‘diifix’, Stellar Repair for Video is easy to use and quick to repair multiple drone videos at one go.

The powerful tool can deftly handle file compression issues, file format errors, read-write errors, file header errors, damages due to virus, and other video file problems.

You can repair broken video, inaccessible, truncated, jerky, out-of-sync, no sound, black screen, and other video problems.

The software is free to try. You can evaluate its features and view the repaired video files in the demo version itself.

Video Repair Video Repair Mac

 Steps to repair DJI drone videos using Stellar Repair for Video

  • Download, install, and launch the software on your Mac or PC

Stellar Repair for Video - Add Files

  • Click Add file to add corrupt MP4/ MOV videos.

Stellar Repair for Video - Click Repair Added Files

  • Click Repair to begin repair process.

Stellar Repair for Video - Repairing Selected Videos Process

  • Once the video files are repaired, preview them and click Save. You can save the corrupt videos at the desired location.

Stellar Repair for Video - Preview and Save Repaired Files

Hacks to play inaccessible or unplayable DJI video files

If video files from DJI drones aren’t playing on your computer, try the following hacks:
• Try to play drone videos on another Media Player such as VLC Media Player.
• Connect drone’s SD card to another card reader or computer and then play videos. It can be a device issue.
• As per DJI Phantom user manual, insert memory card back into the drone. Power on the camera and wait about 30 seconds. This should auto-repair any broken videos.

Wrapping Up

VLC Media Player and Djifix are open-source tools that often fix corrupt videos. But they have their limitations. VLC Player is not so advanced to fix severe file corruption issues while Djifix is for technical users. On the contrary Stellar Repair for Video, is easy to use and also efficient to make your videos flawless again in no time. The software is available for both Windows and macOS.

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