Repair Broken Video Files Captured from DJI Phantom Drone

Summary: This post enlists the primary causes behind the corruption of videos captured using the DJI Phantom Drone. It also suggests a few free methods to fix such damaged videos and also recommends the use of Stellar Repair for Video as a sure-shot solution.

The current videography market is witnessing a sharp incline towards drones. More and more professional and home videographers are using drones instead of camcorders to capture events. Drones do have a slightly advantageous edge over traditional video shooting equipment in that they operate hands-free, they offer a better shot of everything, and they’re usually more robust to jerks and falls since they’re airborne.

Repair Broken Video Files DJI Phantom Drone

DJI Phantom 4 (Source:CNET)

But there are scenarios in which even the best of drones, like the DJI Phantom series, can become prone to getting corrupt. Let’s identify what these scenarios are and what necessary steps can be taken.

DJI Phantom Video Corruption Scenarios

There could be several reasons behind DJI Phantom Drone video corruption:

  • Shutting off the drone’s camera accidentally while it is still recording
  • Drone crash owing to loss of control by operator
  • Interruption while the data on the drone camera’s memory card is being transferred
  • Low battery during recording
  • Improper ejection of the camera’s memory card
  • Exposure of drones to extreme temperatures

While it may seem to be a difficult situation to bounce back from, however, video file corruption is a common situation which can be tackled smoothly using the right techniques.

Free ways to repair broken video files

DJI Phantom Drones usually create MP4 files that contain an H264 video track and an AAC format audio. There are several free ways to repair damaged MP4 video files:

  • If the video files aren’t playing, try connecting the memory card to another card reader or another computer to rule out card reader issues.
  • If that doesn’t work, then try updating your camera’s firmware.
  • DJI user manual suggests that you should Power on the Phantom with the memory card still inside the camera and wait for about 30 seconds. This should auto-repair any broken videos.
  • A cool free way to fix corrupt videos is by using the VLC media player’s inbuilt video repair feature. Simply open the damaged file with VLC and it will auto-prompt you to initiate the repair.
  • There are a few free command-line utilities available on the Internet which can help you with file repair, however, they require some level of technical expertise.

In case none of the above-mentioned fixes work, you may have to opt for a professional DJI Phantom Drone Video Files Repair software. We recommend the use of Stellar Repair for Video to resolve the issue once and for all.

Restore with Stellar Repair for Video

Stellar Repair for Video software is a powerful tool that helps repair corrupt or damaged MP4, MOV, M4V, WMV, F4V, and several other video formats with ease. The software can deftly handle file compression issues, file format errors, read-write errors, file header errors, damages due to virus, and other video file problems.

Video Repair MOV MP4 Repair

The best part about this product is that it works on both Windows & Mac, is easy to install and operate (thanks to its interactive GUI), and helps repair videos stored on hard drives, memory cards, and other storage media. Moreover, it allows you to preview the videos before repairing them and lets you save repaired videos on any desired location on your hard drive or external media.

Follow the steps below for DJI Phantom Drone video repair using Stellar Video Repair:

  1. Download, install, and launch the software
  2. On the software’s home screen, click on ‘Repair Video
  3. Next, use the ‘Add’ button to add video files for repair. You may remove files using the ‘Remove’ button
  4. Once files are added for repair, you may select any file and click on ‘Preview‘ button to see its preview before repairing
  5. Once satisfied with the preview, click on the ‘Repair’ button to initiate the process
  6. When the repair finishes, click on the ‘Save’ button to save the file at the desired location

To sum it up

Regardless of how videos captured using drones get damaged, they can always be recovered by using appropriate tools and techniques. For safe, secure, and flawless video repair on Mac and Windows, Stellar Repair for Video is the safest bet!

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