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How to convert EDB file to Live Exchange Server with Stellar Converter for EDB?

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Stellar Converter for EDB software can convert EDB file to Live Exchange Server easily. It can export offline Exchange mailboxes directly to Live Exchange Server without you having to reconfigure users in Exchange manually. To do so, you need to launch the software, select the users in offline mode, enter the credentials, and export them to Live Exchange server. Also, to grant Full Mailbox Rights to the disconnected mailboxes, you would require downloading Server Console.exe.

Know the steps below:

1.    Launch EDB to PST Converter Software.

2.   The home page of the software comes up, which provides two options for Select Connection Mode: Offline EDB and Online Exchange.      

 (i)   From the two options, select Offline EDB.

 (ii)   In Select EDB File section;                         

·   Click on ‘Open EDB’ tab if you know or remember the location of EDB file that you wish to convert. Next, click on the Start tab.


·  Click on ‘Find EDB’ tab if you wish to search the EDB file that you wish to convert

Figure: Selection of EDB file

3.    Find EDB File dialog box comes up. 

(i)  From Find Options section, select the ‘required drive’ from the Look in a drop-down menu and select ‘Exchange Database  File (EDB)’ from the File Type drop down menu.


Click on the Look in the tab to search for EDB files within a particular folder. Also, if you wish to search for EDB files in the subfolders as well, check the ‘Find in Subfolders’ checkbox.

(ii)  On completion of the ‘Search’ process, all EDB files found in the selected drive/folder or subfolder is displayed in the Find Results table. 

(iii)    Select the ‘EDB file’ you wish to convert and click on the OK tab.

(iv)    Click on the Start tab to start converting the EDB file.  

Figure: Find EDB file

4.    The conversion process is displayed.

Figure: Conversion process in progress

5.  On completion of the conversion process, the data items are displayed in a three-pane structure. The selected EDB filename under ‘Root node’ in a tree-like structure is displayed in the left pane. The list of converted emails is displayed in the middle pane. The preview of the selected email is displayed in the right pane.

Figure: Preview of the selected email

6.  From the preview window, select the mailbox folder that you wish to export to live Exchange server mailbox, right click on the folder, and click on the ‘Export to Exchange Mailbox’ option.

Figure: Exporting mailbox folder to Exchange mailbox

7.   Select ‘Connect to all mailboxes on server’ and enter the credentials, such as Admin Email, Server Name, and User Password of live Exchange server.


Figure: Connecting to all mailboxes on Server

8. Select the mailbox in which you wish to export mailboxes from offline Exchange EDB file. To select the mailbox, double click on it.

Figure: Selection of mailbox in which the mailboxes is to be exported

Finally, on the execution of the steps mentioned above with Stellar Converter for EDB software, you can convert EDB file to live Exchange Server. Thus, download, install, configure, and run the software to achieve the exportation of EDB file mailboxes in live Exchange Server. 


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