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How to convert EDB file to Live Exchange Server with Stellar Converter for EDB?

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Stellar Converter for EDB can migrate or export all mailboxes stored in offline EDB file directly to Live Exchange server. Follow these steps to migrate the mailboxes:

Know the steps below:

1.    Launch EDB to PST Converter Software. From the main interface, select the Offline EDB option.

  • Click Browse to select the EDB file that needs to be migrated.
  • Alternatively, click Find to search the EDB file in case if its location is not known.


  • Click Next to initiate the file conversion process.
  • After scanning, the software will display a preview of all the selected EDB files.

You can migrate all or the selected EDB files to Live Exchange by using either of the following methods:

Method 1:

  • From the main menu, click Save. A dialog box with file saving options will pop-up.
  • Click Next


  • Click the Live Exchange icon. A pop-up window to Enter Login Credentials will appear. 


  • Enter the login credentials for Live Exchange server.
  • Select the Exchange version from dropdown. In this case, we have selected Exchange 2013
  • Click the checkbox for Auto Map. The “Auto Map” function helps in connecting the specified mailboxes, automatically. 
  • Click OK to initiate the process of exporting the recovered mailbox to Microsoft Exchange 2013.
  • A Map Mailbox screen will appear with the following three columns:
    • Source Mailbox
    • Destination Mailbox
    • Map Mailbox 


  • The Apply Filter option available in Advance option allows to exclude or include specific items of the selected mailbox for the specified Date Range.
  • You can also select the Checkbox for Junk Mails and Deleted Mails to exclude these emails.
  • Click Export button to export the recovered EDB mailboxes to Live Exchange server.
  • The software displays the message, “Export process completed successfully”.

Method 2: 

Note: Method 2 works best for Exchange 2010 and later versions.

  1. From the preview window, verify EDB file data and select the checkbox for the mailboxes to be migrated to Live Exchange.
  2. Right click on that mailbox. From the drop-down menu, select the option – “Export to Exchange Server”. You can also right-click the selected EDB file to export all mailboxes.  
  3. A pop-up window to Enter Login Credentials will appear, once you click Export to Exchange Server
  4. Click the checkbox for “MS Exchange Server 2010 and higher.
  5. Fill in the details of Mailbox Name and Server Name and click OK
  6. A “Map Mailbox” screen will appear with information on the following:
    • Source Mailbox: Lists the usernames to migrate to Live Exchange server
    • Destination Mailbox: Lists the email IDs of all user mailboxes to migrate to Live Exchange server
    • Map Mailbox to verify that all mailboxes are in Connected state
  7. Click Export to export the recovered EDB mailboxes to Live Exchange server. 
  8. The Advance option helps you to reduce the size of the recovered mailbox with the help of the “Apply Filter” option, which allows to exclude or include specific mailbox items of the selected mailbox. Note: You can create a mailbox on the destination server with the help of “Create Mailbox” option.
  9. Once the migration is complete, the software displays a message “Export process completed successfully”.

Finally, on the execution of the steps mentioned above with Stellar Converter for EDB software, you can convert EDB file to live Exchange Server. Thus, download, install, configure, and run the software to achieve the exportation of EDB file mailboxes in live Exchange Server. 


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