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Difference Between Corporate & Technician Version of Stellar Converter for EDB

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Stellar EDB to PST Converter software is used to convert Exchange Database Files or EDB files into Personal storage Tables or PST files and is available in two different versions:

  • Stellar Converter for EDB - Corporate 
  • Stellar Converter for EDB - Technician 

Following points differentiate the three versions of the software:

Corporate Version:

  • Installation and Usage

The Corporate version is available for a single user and can be installed on a single system only. No other user can install and run the registered version of the software.

  • License Validity

The Corporate version is valid for 01 year from the date of registration. User has to register and buy fresh Registration Key after one year.

  • Convert Mailboxes

A corporate version can be used to convert 50 or 500 mailboxes.

Technician Version:

  •  Installation and Usage

The Technician version can be installed on 3 systems. 

  • License Validity

The Technician version has a lifetime validity. Once purchased, you just have to update the software until there is a major release.

  • Convert Mailboxes

The Technician version of the Stellar Converter for EDB software can be used to convert unlimited mailboxes.

Stellar Converter for EDB Corporate version is recommended for use for a single user only. If you are planning to buy the software on behalf of an organization, then it is best to opt for Technician version.


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