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How can I find Help option in the Access repair software Interface?

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Help option is available in the main menu of Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair software.  It is denoted by the “?” (Question mark) embedded inside a red colored circle, as shown in the image below:


Figure 1: Illustrates Help icon

Click on Free Download button to download the Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair software

Open software and go to main menu. There are three options available in main menu –

  1. File
  2. Tools
  3. Help

Click on Help menu and following options appear:

Help tab

Figure 2: Illustrates Help Menu

Help Menu is categorized into the following sub-parts:


  • Option to buy the software – Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair


  • Option to request for information from


  • Option to view support page of


  • Option to view the help manual of the software.

Knowledgebase Articles

  • Option to visit Knowledgebase articles of the software


  • Option enables reader to read and get more information about software.

Catch-up with the desired information by clicking on the right option.  


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