Ashutosh Kumar

Tech Enthusiast and Senior Writer at Stellar®
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Ashutosh is a Senior Content Writer at Stellar with over 7 years of experience in data recovery, IoT, and AI technologies domain. He is a tech enthusiast who enjoys researching and sharing solutions to resolve complex technical issues.


A dual graduate with degrees in Engineering and Law, Ashutosh understands the technology with policy and legal perspectives.


Apart from professional writing Ashutosh is a published poet and spends his weekends building small gadgets. He loves to travel to untouched destinations.

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Fixed: Windows 11 PCs facing BSOD after Windows Update KB5013943

  Ashutosh Kumar   May 19, 2022   Data Recovery     Windows Data Recovery

Microsoft released an update for Windows 10 and Windows 11 vide its KB5013943. The update is to address the following issues.Security issues in Windows 11/10 OS.Flickering screen while using your PC i...

How to Access Disk Clean-Up in Windows 11?

  Ashutosh Kumar   May 19, 2022   Data Erasure     File Eraser

Disk Clean-up tool is one of the most helpful utilities on your Windows 11 PC. The Windows 11 Disk Clean-up assists you in getting rid of the unwanted and redundant files on your PC.There are multiple...

How to Fix Windows 11 Update Error 0x800705aa? Here Are Some Ways

  Ashutosh Kumar   May 18, 2022   Data Recovery     Windows Data Recovery

If you tried to update Windows 11 and failed with error code 0x800705aa, it might be due to a corrupt Windows update component.The update can also fail due to corrupt system files, lack of disk space,...

How to Maintain Backup Tape Drives? [Best Practices]

  Ashutosh Kumar   May 11, 2022   Data Recovery     Tape Data Recovery

With the advent of sophisticated storage technology like SSDs and cloud-based storage, most people arguably suggest that tape backup drives have become redundant.Some radical advocates of innovation g...

How To Fix Mac Black Screen of Death? [Complete DIY Guide]

  Ashutosh Kumar   May 09, 2022   Data Recovery     Mac Data Recovery

Mac machines are counted among the sturdiest systems available around the globe. However, being a machine, it does develop issues at times. One fine day you try to turn on your Mac and work on an imp...

How to Fix a MacBook that Won't Charge? [Complete DIY Guide]

  Ashutosh Kumar   May 02, 2022   Data Recovery     Mac Data Recovery

The best part of using a MacBook or MacBook Pro is its easy portability. A fully charged MacBook can run without a live power supply for almost 8-9 hours. There might be claims for longer power backu...

Everything You Need to Know About SATA Hard Drive

  Ashutosh Kumar   April 21, 2022   Data Recovery     Windows Data Recovery

Serial Advanced Technology Attachment or SATA is a type of storage drive interface that assists in read/write operations between a storage drive and your PC. In other words, it helps in connecting you...

How to Set Up RAID in Windows?

  Ashutosh Kumar   April 14, 2022   Data Recovery     RAID & Virtual Drive Recovery

A single defined storage capacity on a Windows PC cannot meet the requirements of every user. Moreover, every user has a different expectation of the performance level provided by a PC. So how can you...

Solved: SYNTHETIC_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT Blue Screen in Windows 10/11

  Ashutosh Kumar   April 13, 2022   Data Recovery     Windows Data Recovery

The SYNTHETIC_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT is a bug on Windows 10/11, rendering your PC inaccessible by forcing it to restart repeatedly. The error results in a Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) and can cause immense d...

FIX: Green Screen of Death on Windows 10/11 [Crash]

  Ashutosh Kumar   April 12, 2022   Data Recovery     Windows Data Recovery

If you haven’t heard of this issue and facing it on your Windows 10/11 PC, no need to panic.  The Green Screen of Death or GSoD is one of those rarely heard of issues. It is so because it appears...

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