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How can I save the scanning in Stellar Repair for MS SQL software?

 Modified on: March 20, 2018 |    1166 views

Stellar Repair for MS SQL saves a scan information of the MS SQL Database (MDF) File at the time of repairing. This saved scan information can be used later to repair corrupt database in case you wish to repair the database file again. Using a scan information saves time, since scanning of each database file does not take place. All files and folders shown after scan process can be viewed as we load the saved scan information created for that particular scan. You can resume recovery by selecting the saved scan information without scanning the database again.
To Repair Database using scan information 
  • You will be prompted to use the saved scan information for selected database.
  • Click Yes if you want to repair using the existing saved scan information. 
  • Click No if you want to repair using selected database itself.


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