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Stellar Data RecoveryUseful articles for understanding the actual process involved in Windows data recovery process through stellar.

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Can Stellar Data Recovery Recover Data From 3 year Old ‘not in use’ Hard Drive?

We can have 3-year-old not in use the hard drive in which we want to recover data. Know how stellar data recovery do this.

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Why Does Stellar Data Recovery Gets Stuck?

This Knowlege base informs possible solutions to avoid Stellar Data Recovery from getting stuck during a recovery process.

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Stellar Data Recovery has stopped working! What to Do Now?

Is your Stellar Data Recovery stops working? No worries read this kb to know more about how to avoid such issues.

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Stellar Data Recovery Freezes, What Next Should I do?

This KB helps to learn about why Stellar Data Recovery freezes and important tips & precautions to avoid.

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How to Save Recovered data on Google Drive with Stellar Data Recovery Software?

Follow all procedure mentioned in article to save recovered file on google drive.

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I am unable to access my partition/volume in the drive. How do I recover the data?

Are you unable to access your hard drive partition or volume?  Here are quick & easy steps to recover your data from inaccessible drive.

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I have just purchased Stellar Data Recovery but I am unable to activate the software with the key that you have provided.

I am unable to activate Stellar Data Recovery software with the key that I received through email. Here you will get all the suitable steps for activing the software.

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How do I make the application scan for photos only and not any other file type?

How to scan hard drive for recovering lost or deleted photos only. The application will scan and list all the lost photos from the selected hard drive.

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I have accidently deleted an entire volume from my system. Can I recover and restore data from this volume using the software?

This KB Informs procedure how to recover data from accidentaly deleted volume from any system using Stellar Data Recovery Software.

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When I am trying to recover the data, I get error "Source and destination are same." What shall I do?

Got error message 'source & destination are same' during saving the recovered file

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How does ‘Quick Scan’ differ from ‘Deep Scan’?

This knowlege base informs the difference between quick and deep scan in Stellar Data Recovery

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I am not able to see my camera in the software. What am I doing wrong?

If you are facing a problem where your camera is not able to access the memory card as disk drive. Check out this KB for complete solution.

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How to recover data from Windows 7?

Download Windows 7 data recovery software to get back your precious files and folders.

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What You Should Do When Recovered Files Do Not Open?

Files not opening and throwing error while opening after recovery. Fix corruption error in recovered files in few steps. 100% Safe & easy to use free methods.

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Factors Affecting Successful Data Recovery on Windows Computers

Get to know the factors affecting your data recovery processes on Windows Computers/PC

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