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Useful articles for understanding the actual process involved in Windows data recovery process through stellar phoenix.

I've successfully recovered the lost volume, however partition name is different. Why?

Steps to search lost volumes on your hard drive using software

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I attached my external hard drive for recovery but couldn't be able to locate it in the program. Why?

The Software will display all drives that your Windows OS can recognize

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While installing Windows, I accidentally formatted the drive and then installed Windows. How can I recover the formatted data with Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery?

Accidentally formatted the volume on Windows and lost data. Recover formatted data in 3 easy steps using Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Home

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How many types of files can be found and recovered by using Software?

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery supports recovery of the following file types:

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How to find the desired files from scan results using 'Find' option of this software?

Software allows you to search for specific files after scanning the selected storage media and listing all recoverable files in a tree.

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Difference between Deep Scan and Search File Option features of this software?

Learn the differences between data recovery options: Deep scan, Search File Option, Filtered List of Scanned files.

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Does this software support recovery from SSD drives and hybrid drives?

It supports recovery from all types of SSDs (including flash-based and RAM-based).

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Does this software support Recovery from Windows 10 OS?

It supports the latest Windows 8 operating system by Microsoft

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Factors Affecting Successful Data Recovery on Windows Computers

Get to know the factors affecting your data recovery processes.

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What You Should Do When Recovered Files Do Not Open?

Why can't you able to access recovered files that is deleted previously, Here's how to access such files?

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How to recover data from Windows 7?

Download Windows 7 data recovery software to get back your precious files and folders.

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I am not able to see my camera in the software. What am I doing wrong?

Camera is not showing in software

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How does ‘Quick Scan’ differ from ‘Deep Scan’?

Difference between quick and deep scan

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When I am trying to recover the data, I get error "Source and destination are same." What shall I do?

Got error message 'source & destination are same' during saving the recovered file

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I have accidently deleted an entire volume from my system. Can I recover and restore data from this volume using the software?

Procedure to recover data from deleted volume.

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How do I make the application scan for photos only and not any other file type?

How to scan hard drive for recovering lost or deleted photos only. The application will scan and list all the lost photos from the selected hard drive.

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I have just purchased Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery but I am unable to activate the software with the key that you have provided.

I am unable to activate Stellar Phoenix Windows data recovery - home software with the key that I received through email. Here you will get all suitable steps for activing the software.

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I am unable to access my partition/volume in the drive. How do I recover the data?

Are you unable to access your hard drive partition or volume?  Here are quick & easy steps to recover your data from inaccessible drive.

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